One-Man-Army: Introducing Raimondo Rossi

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Raimondo Rossi/instagram

One of the most crucial positions in the fashion industry is fashion photographer. Photographers not only assist in showcasing collections, but they also document significant events and encourage people to work in the fashion industry.

People look to it as an example of luxurious living, attractiveness, and style. The idea of a high-quality life is what drives this thriving metropolis, even as USA embraces the city’s diversity and culture. There are a tonne of renowned people and celebrities living there. While many people visit the USA to experience this way of life, others attempt to photograph it. Raimondo Rossi is one of them.

It is challenging to sum up Raimondo Rossi in a single word. Raimondo, sometimes known as Ray Morrison, is a Peruvian native who is most admired for his range as an artist.

He has worked with several magazines as both a fashion editor and an art director, making him a personality to watch in men’s fashion thanks to his personal styling. Last but not least, he has made a name for himself as a photographer.

Raimondo Rossi
Raimondo Rossi/ Photo Beauty Awards: Martin Loveth

Born and bred in Umbria, he travelled with his family and camped all over Europe in the summer. His mother enjoyed taking shots with the famed Rolleiflex film camera on those occasions.

It was difficult for him to achieve independence since he had to create a very strict, regimented family with a very strict father.

He decided to enrol in specialised programmes a few years ago since he has always noticed how photographs are utilised to preserve memories. He tried taping reports from the backstage regions of fashion weeks after testing the premise. He now works more on portraits or fashion editorials because modern photography has come so far.

He has a genuine heart. He doesn’t have a preference since, when he shoots, he focuses on the subject or the story he wants to tell at that very moment. He will therefore portray a subject or recreate an ambiance that inspires him at the time, regardless of whether the person or scenario is related to a fashion or cinematic event. 

He doesn’t merely record events; he also makes an effort to sniff for stories by sneaking behind the scenes. He feels he has more experience in fashion, despite the fact that all three of these fields are really exciting.

He claims that a commuter can be equally or even more fascinating than a famous person or model. With 99k followers on instagram he gives inspiration to many.

“He believed the term “fashion” to be overly simplistic. He didn’t want to be associated with this because it’s all about clothes.

In the fight against fashion stereotypes, weight, age, ethnicity, and other factors are not necessary because the human being comes before technical data. Therefore, no journalist knows his actual birthdate because this is part of his individuality.

The thing that makes Ray the happiest is seeing that some of the most prestigious magazines have written entire articles about him: to have attracted the attention of Rolling Stone, the New York Times, or Vogue without having done anything to be there, are enormous satisfactions.

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