“Senior Swifties” old age community supports Kansas City Chiefs; Dance video viral !

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Senior Swifties

“Senior Swifties” shows their support to Kansas City Chiefs. Members of Primrose Retirement Community in Sedalia, Missouri, uploaded a video by Connie Chevalier supporting the Kansas City Chiefs on Friday before their 27-24 victory against the Buffalo Bills in their postseason match.

Dancing to “Swag Surfin” by F.L.Y. (Fast Life Yungstaz), the group who name themselves “Senior Swifties” clutched onto their heads while rotating in their chairs.

When the music started to slow down, they swayed left and right while extending their arms in a surfing posture. The Senior Swifties then alternately extended their arms in a doggy paddling motion.

The community group returned to the surfing action, baseball hats to the side, and Kansas City Chief T-shirts on. One guy had a sign that said, “Senior Swifties,” while others had the phrases, “87 Travis Kelce,” and “I’m a Swiftie.”

Chevalier posted a caption on Facebook that said, “New name…same amazing people!” “The ‘Primrose Sedalia Chiefs Cheerleaders,’ who brought you “Red Kingdom” by Tech Nyne the previous season, are excited to use their brand of swagger surfing to help the Chiefs defeat the Bills!”

The group’s name is a reference to Taylor Swift’s devoted followers, known as Swifties, even though they weren’t dancing to any of her songs. This occurs after the 34-year-old singer was repeatedly seen supporting her boyfriend, 34-year-old Travis Kelce, at Chiefs games.

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Additionally, Swift was spotted rejoicing after Kelce’s score in the third quarter of Sunday’s game against the Bills. Alongside Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany Mahomes, the Grammy winner gave a hearty shout.

Kelce also performed the signature step of his fiancée, making a heart with his hands, following a score in the second quarter. On the Wednesday edition of his podcast, New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, he explained his reasoning for the move by saying, “Yeah, man, had to spread the love baby.” “Always got to spread that love, baby.”

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