Things to know about Eliza Isichei the new “bachelor in paradise” show arrival

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Eliza Isichei the new “bachelor in paradise”
Eliza Isichei the new “bachelor in paradise”/image by social media

On October 17 it was the split week in  the show. It means that men and women will be separated after two rose ceremonies. The women will be moved to another location and five new women will join them. Those five new women will go to dates with new man’s. One of the women is Eliza Isichei.

Eliza was confirmed as one of the women in the shows Twitter page. It remains a surprise that will any man ei have connection with Eliza or not . Eliza Isichei is getting famous nowadays and thus many ways to know more about her. So some information about her is given below:

°it is not the first time for her in the show. She participated earlier but it was unfortunate that she didn’t get any one to one dates with anyone. She couldn’t make up to week 6 and for that she had to leave the show.

°Many of us don’t know about exact job of her. Mainly she is a influencer and she works for brand in Los Angeles. She worked with many companies which is is shown in her LinkedIn profile. She also worked as a reporter at WUFT News in Florida for almost two years.

°Eliza completed her education from 2014 to 2016 in American university in London. She studied in journalism. Eliza has her own website where she considers herself as “communication specialist”. Eliza is looking for someone who is similar to her that means we’ll cultured and we’ll travelled as she has done those things.

Eliza has dream to work for public relations and media. She is excited to join the show and also audience are also waiting for her. Everyone is eager to see if any man this time dates her or not as she failed last time. Let’s see what happens with in the show “Bachelor in paradise”

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