Tom Holland clears Break-up Rumours with Zendaya

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Tom Holland-zendaya

There were rumours that the couple, Tom Holland and Zendaya had parted ways. The rumours started when Zendaya unfollowed Tom from her Instagram. But, Tom Holland cleared the rumours days after he got unfollowed from the Instagram account.

There were insights that, the lady had unfollowed everyone on Instagram including her boyfriend Tom. Fans assumed that the love birds had broken up.

Some of the fans thought it was a stunt to promote her upcoming projects.

The rumour mill about relationships in Hollywood never stops whirling. With rumours of a potential split, the focus has recently shifted to Tom Holland and Zendaya by their fans. When Zendaya decided to unfollow everyone on Instagram, including Tom, the craze broke out.

But people, hold onto your heart emojis! Tom Holland has taken to addressing the breakup rumours head-on, providing a clear and concise response, “No, no no”.

Paparazzi asked te Tom spotted in LA, about his relationship status to which he replied, “No, no, no. Absolutely…not.”

The answer was as clear as crystal. The fans got their answers, as the response echoed louder than the rumour in the Hollywood industry.

In the early days of 2024, fans noticed Zendaya unfollowing the followers, which led to speculations arising about their relationship status.

Fans who were confused by the social media controversy can breathe a sigh of relief when Tom assures them that all is fine.

The unfollowing story erupted on social media, which is a playground for wild guesses and speculative thinking. Supporters showed a variety of feelings, from concern to simple curiosity. However, given that Zendaya unfollowed her family as well, was only a cover for her to promote her next ventures.

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But the pair, who first appeared together in Marvel’s Spider-Man series, have always maintained their privacy. They are in the public eye, but they are steadfast in their resolve to keep their relationship private.

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