Jennifer Nettles admire Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s love affair

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Jennifer Nettles admire Travis Kelce

Jennifer Nettles becomes obsessed with the romantic relationship between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift. Nettles, 49, tells PEOPLE that she has feelings for the singer with whom she worked on Sugarland’s 2018 smash song “Baby,” which Swift co-wrote with Train’s Pat Monahan. “I want to do well for them.” 

“I want Taylor, who is such a great person, to find love just like everyone else. I have a stake in it for her”, she continued. The Grammy and Emmy-winning performer is also engrossed in the love tales shown in Farmer Wants a Wife’s second season.

Nettles, who is returning as the host of the FOX dating program that matches women with the farmers of their dreams, says, “I love to be a part of helping people along in their love story.”

Remarkably, Nettles is the first to acknowledge that she has never really liked the dating reality program genre. She was so against the notion of hosting Farmer Wants a Wife at first that she replied, “no.”

“After doing further research, I discovered that the show has contributed to more than 200 marriages and 500 children during its 13-year run on television,” Nettles said of the 32-country broadcast.

Nettles quoted, “After viewing a few episodes, I felt as though I finally understood. I was eager to participate in this”.

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Nettles praises the show, saying, “First of all, you can watch it with your whole family with no sensation like there are going to be these cringe moments where everybody’s kissing everybody.” Ty Ferrell, Mitchell Kolinsky, Brandon Rogers, and Nathan Smothers, the new crop of farmers in season two, will be seeking love in this show. Although there is romance and conflict, I believe that everyone on this program is a nice person with their hearts in the right places. Watching it does indeed lift your spirits.”

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