Rachel Lindsay opens up about her marital disputes before filing for Divorce

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Rachel Lindsay
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Rachel Lindsay, a renowned television personality and former contestant on The Bachelor franchise, recently opened up about her efforts to safeguard her marriage.

She cleared the throat and stated how many obstacles she had to face in her marriage with her now-estranged husband, Bryan Abasolo. We have tried all things but ended in having divorce. In a candid interview on Nick Viall’s podcast, Lindsay unveils that they were living separate lives due to obstacles and working hard to find common ground.

Staying together for four years and now filing for divorce has come to a shock for the fan following. They have recently announced that due to underlying issues they were facing in their marriage has come to a discussion of separation.

Rachel Lindsay
Rachel Lindsay

The reasons stated for their separation is lack of time for family, “As a podcaster, TV host, and author, Lindsay’s schedule allowed her more free time, while Abasolo, a chiropractor, had a demanding career that kept him away from home for long hours” he stated.

She emphasized the importance of protecting their marriage and acknowledged that not every couple can resolve such differences successfully. Lindsay praised the compatibility between Nick Viall and his partner, Joy, highlighting that they seemed to have found a balance that worked for them.

There were many rumors on social media by the fans that they do not post much on their social media handles. Lindsay answered that “They intentionally kept their relationship private due to the criticism they faced after their time on; The Bachelorette.”

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“We are not into social media, we only post when we have some happy moments to share with all, so we decided to keep our personal lives more low-key,” she explained.

Her interview cleared and provided the insights of challenges they faced as a couple and the efforts they made to protect their marriage. Despite their best intentions, it seems they were unable to bridge the gap between their differing lifestyles.

“Bryan frequently departs the house early in the morning and returns late at night,” Lindsay clarified.. I am living with a very flexible schedule of working so I’m also working hard to find new job options. Thus, we discovered that we were in whole distinct realms.”

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