90210 co-stars reminisce about Late actor Perry; Shannen Doherty “Had Teary Eyes”

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Late actor Perry Shannen Doherty

The 90210 co-stars still feel like there is a “hole” in their lives, nearly five years after the unexpected death of the late star. 

Shannen Doherty and Jason Priestley on a Beverly Hills, 90210 panel at MegaCon Orlando on Saturday talked about the late actor, Perry who passed away in,2019 due to a stroke at age 52.

Onstage, Doherty, 52, broke down in tears when Priestley, 54, brought up the name of Perry. The Charmed actress started crying as soon as she heard his name. She started by wiping her tears with her left hand before getting up from her chair to get a tissue to cry some more. 

“It was startling,” Doherty remarked.

Brenda, a character on 90210, was romantically involved with Dylan, played by Perry. “Every time someone mentions Luke, I become incredibly emotional since, as a cancer patient (and a particularly terrible one at stage 4), I assumed I would be the one to pass away first. That’s why I was extremely taken aback when it turned out to be Luke”.

In 2015, Doherty told PEOPLE that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The disease went into remission in 2017, but it came back in 2019 at stage 4. Doherty claimed in a 2023 PEOPLE cover story that the illness had progressed to her bones.

During the filming of ’90s adolescent dramas, Doherty and Perry were close, but in the years following the show’s 2000 finale, “there were moments where we had some gaps,” she disclosed onstage at MegaCon. 

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2019’s season 4 of Riverdale, in which Perry starred as Archie’s father Fred, featured Doherty’s memorial to Perry following his passing. 

Luke played a major role in our performance, he remarked. “He was an absolute clown.” 

He added, “Every time he arrived at work, he would lighten the mood and make everyone laugh. However, he was also exceedingly professional, consistently present and devoted to his work”. 

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