Alyssa Milano reveals the reason for Shannen Doherty’s termination from “Charmed”

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Alyssa Milano and Shannen Doherty

Alyssa Milano responds to allegations that she was the cause of Shannen Doherty’s termination from “Charmed”. 

During a Who’s the Boss? panel at MegaCon Orlando, Alyssa Milano addressed the statements made by Holly Marie Combs, a former costar, on Doherty’s podcast in December 2023. She said, “I’ll just say that I’m sad.” 

“I don’t think it’s really that I’m sad for myself or for my life or how it affects or doesn’t affect my life,” Milano went on. My greatest sadness is for the fans. 

The thing that saddens me the most is how a show that has meant so much to so many people has been degraded by toxicity that is still present over 25 years later.

“I’m sorry that people can’t get over it,” she continued. She quoted, “It bothers me that we can’t all just rejoice in the success of a show that was so important to us all.” 

Milano declared, “I have worked extremely hard in my life, in the last 25 years, to heal all of my trauma,” adding that this process involved healing trauma beyond the experiences she had while filming Charmed.

Milano then posted on Instagram about the circumstances involving Doherty, her, and Holly Marie Combs. 

She captioned a photo of herself holding a transcript from MegaCon, saying, “I don’t know of one other show that has had the success that Charmed had where the cast still speaks ill of the experience a quarter of a century later.”

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Constance M. Burge is the creator of the American fantasy drama television series Charmed, which was produced by Aaron Spelling and Spelling Television with showrunner Brad Kern. The show aired on The WB from 1998 to 2006.

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