Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani discuss menu for Super Bowl snack; Hosts “pregame show” for Super Bowl finals with TikTok and the NFL

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Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are eager to plan for their Super Bowl snack. In collaboration with TikTok and the NFL, Stefani will host a pregame show on February 11th ahead the Super Bowl LVIII. She also revealed that she and Shelton “are currently planning the food” for their special Super Bowl Sunday.

“That’s the main focus, along with the cocktails and our plan for enjoyment”. And she was like, ‘Why are we even having this conversation?’ to Blake. You already know that I’ll fail in the first fifteen minutes”, she claimed. 

With a giggle, Stefani announces, “I’m going to explode through the seven-layer dip and I’m not going to be able to eat anything else. I’m going to be so mad the rest of the day.”

This year’s Super Bowl will take place in Las Vegas at Allegiant Stadium. Stefani has said that she will play a “50-minute set” that includes all of her “uptempo songs” to excite the crowd for the big game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. 

She’ll probably get to eat and watch the game after her performance. 

“For us, the main concern is how to create the most delicious Super Bowl dish possible”. Famous Super Bowl dish? I mean, Blake was like, ‘Oh, should we do this?’ ”No, that’s not the Super Bowl. It must be done correctly”, she exclaims.

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Stefani claims TikTok has an abundance of searchable recipes in addition to her live stream so that all watch parties have more to offer than simply her famous seven-layer dip. 

“Discuss TikTok; there are a ton of amazing recipes available, and it will be interesting to see what people bring,” she remarks. “With everything going on, we all motivate each other, which is an exciting part of the Super Bowl party”, Stefani asserts she gets extra praise within the house for her prior act.

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