Cherish Brand Reunion at Coachella Music Festival in April

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Coachella Music Festival

After 10 years the cherished group performs on the Coachella music festival stages in April for the first time. 
Gwen Stefani is certain that her band’s reunion at Coachella will be legendary.

Speaking to PEOPLE about another forthcoming event, Stefani stated that the reunion was an easy “yes.” Stefani will be the main attraction at a pregame concert ahead of Super Bowl LVIII in collaboration with TikTok and the NFL.

“It simply transpired so quickly, which is my ideal scenario. We’re all quite enthusiastic, but we haven’t really thought out how we’re going to do this yet,” admits 54-year-old Stefani.

“And honestly, I think it’s simply amazing to see how enthusiastic the people are just by watching the internet go crazy. It’s motivating us”. 

After getting back together in 2012 to record their sixth album Push and Shove, No Doubt last played live together in 2015. Since then, the trio has concentrated on separate projects. Adrian Young on drums, guitarist Tom Dumont, bassist Tony Kanal, and singer Stefani provided the group’s backing.

It will just be awesome. When it comes to actually bringing the band back together, Stefani adds, “It’s just going to be: get up there and do what we always do, which is play our music and try to connect and be so grateful that we got this amazing career that we never expected to have.”

“Keep in mind that before “Just a Girl” became a hit song, we were in No Doubt for nine years. Our intention was not to succeed. Thus, what does it mean to be here in 2024 and experience the thrill of the announcement?” She continues.

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Additionally, Stefani said she’s “completely overwhelmed” by the kind response. Following the news, No Doubt has received positive feedback, and “I certainly have that little twinge in your gut where you’re like, ‘Oh my god! “What?” she asks, referring to the butterflies. “It will be incredible.”

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