Mason Blomberg Co-Stars in “JANE”

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Photo Credit: Shandon Youngclaus
Photo Credit: Shandon Youngclaus

Actor Mason Blomberg co-stars in the Apple TV+ series JANE streaming on April 14th. This highly anticipated series is inspired by the work of Dr. Jane Goodall. I recently interviewed this young talent on his new series and what he hopes people learn from watching it.

Tell us about your new series JANE. 

Jane is a fun and imaginative series about Jane Garcia and her two friends, David (who is my character) and Graybeard (the chimpanzee). The three of us go on tons of adventures to save endangered species. This is a live-action show, unlike anything we’ve ever seen before with a mix between live-action scenes and amazing CGI. It is inspired by the works of Dr. Jane Goodall and each episode contains a quote from her that helps Jane and David learn a lesson. We traveled the world to film this show so that we could showcase real environments where some of these animals live! When you watch Jane, you will see us in Toronto, Alberta, Costa Rica, Kenya, and even in the Ocean in Catalina Island. I can’t wait for the world to see this show and meet these awesome characters. 

Tell us a little more about your character David. 

David is a funny character that’s Jane’s best friend. He is always hungry so, whenever he gets the chance, he eats a snack. He also loves to learn from Jane. You could say he’s hungry for food and hungry for knowledge. 😉 He can also get kind of scared sometimes when he comes face-to-face with some of these animals or has to go on scary missions, but he brings levity to those situations by always cracking a joke and following it up by saying, “see what I did there?” David is like me in that way that I always love good old jokes because they can be so punny (yes punny not funny.) 

You help endangered animals in each episode. Which animal was your favorite and why?

I loved all of the animals in the episodes, they were all so great, but my favorite was probably the Gharial. I learned that Gharials have an interesting way of communicating. They communicate by making clicking/screeching noises. They also have a bulb on the end of their nose that they use to attract mates. This episode was fun to film because we got to film underwater in a pool in some of the scenes. I also got to drive a boat down a river in Costa Rica for other scenes. Finally, the Gharial is pretty cool looking!

Photo Credit: Shandon Youngclaus

What did you learn from making this series? 

I learned that we only have one planet and once our planet is gone there’s no backup, we can’t buy another one, so we have to protect the environment and species all we can. I also learned that each animal has its own important part to sustain the ecosystem. For example, bees pollinate plants that we eat. Sharks eat smaller fish, so the little guys don’t overpopulate the ocean. I hope this show teaches other kids these lessons, too. 

What is something that kids can do to help make a difference in the world?

They can pick up trash when they go to the park, they can conserve energy by turning off lights when they’re not in the room, and they can also conserve water by turning the tap off when they are brushing their teeth and turning it back on when they need to rinse. These are things they can do every day to help! 

At seven years old you made the decision to become a vegetarian. What brought you to that decision? 

I became a vegetarian because I don’t want to be the reason animals die, I just didn’t want to be a part of that. I also became a vegetarian because it helps the environment. Raising animals to eat uses so many precious resources. 

Where can viewers watch JANE

You can find Jane on Apple TV Plus starting April 14. It will be available in over 100 countries! 

Where can your fans follow you on social media? 

You can follow me on Instagram @TheMasonBlomberg and also on my website

Photo Credit: Shandon Youngclaus
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