Chloe Grace Moretz reveals, the mental trauma she suffered from social media meme

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Chloe Grace Moretz
Chloe Grace Moretz / image by social media

The actress that was always seen with a bright smile, suddenly shattered due to one bad experience. Recently she had an open talk with a channel on how she managed to overcome that fear.

She says, “I developed body shape problems as a result of the Family Guy meme, which eventually caused me to feel self-conscious”.

For many people, using social networking sites could be a horrific experience, and stars aren’t exceptional from this terrific side of social media. Actress Chloe is sharing her experience of being the subject of online jokes.

After a huge gap, she finally made her mind to be open about her fears.

People started circulating the meme-like version of the figure on social media quite rapidly.

Chlo Grace Moretz explains the consequences of the meme. To that she asserted, “One photo of mine had been altered a few years ago to resemble a Family Guy character. Chloe was seen holding pizza boxes in the photo”.

Despite the fact that most people found the online memes amusing, the actress acknowledged they had adverse effects on her. “I just found myself sitting there too and thought, my physique is being employed as a mockery because it’s something I can’t alter regarding where I am, and it’s been displayed all over Instagram,” the woman recalled. 

“It’s still difficult to myself and to move on from that meme when I come across it now. This one incident has left a negative impact on my mental health as I stripped a layer off of everything I used it to enjoy; getting dressed up, walking to a gala, and snapping pictures and resulted in me feeling quite self-conscious”, she added.

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While asking the reason of taking a long break, she replied, “When the situation worsened, I figured out the only solution to take a break from the social media and this pap life. As physical health and well-being was affected more, so I chose to focus on myself in the midst of this mayhem. There were benefits and drawbacks to it, though”.Chloe claims that right currently she is in a better place and that she works on improving every day.

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