Here are some secrets of the show “Love Is Blind”; “Jimmy Presnell gives the resemblance of Meghan Fox”, says a contestant

Kajal Kashyap
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Jimmy Presnell Meghan Fox

On the show “Love Is Blind,” participants are unable to evaluate the impression of possible love partners. Well, that’s kind of the idea. Nevertheless, they frequently attempt to distinguish one another’s looks. Season 6 competitor Chelsea Blackwell tells one of her prospects Jimmy Presnell that she’s often told she looks like well-known celebrity Megan Fox.

Chelsea, a flight attendant, claims she hears “all the time” from passengers that she resembles the actor. “It’s just because I have dark hair and blue eyes,” she replies. “But I don’t see it, so don’t get excited.”

Without mentioning Fox by name, she adds, “I don’t even know if it’s (Machine Gun Kelly‘s) wife or his fiancée,” leaving Jimmy to fill in the details. “You’re

You’re suggesting that Megan Fox looks like you?” Jimmy grinned and said. “It’s only because I have dark hair and light eyes,” she adds.

“Can we get married?” is a question Jimmy asks, clearly excited by this contrast. Online, supporters appeared to believe that this was a “deciding factor” for him.

Jimmy doesn’t exactly agree with Chelsea’s assessment when they finally get engaged and he meets her in person. To be exact, Jimmy’s comment “She Lied to Me” is in the title of the episode.

After their first interaction, Jimmy tells Chelsea she is “gorgeous” as they sit side by side. “Was she what he expected”, she queries. He responds, “You told me a thousand things, um.”

Online, fans relive this point when Zack Goytowski, a cast member of “Love Is Blind” Season Four, told his brief fiancée Irina Solomonova she genuinely looked like Megan Fox.

“Love Is Blind” Season Six’s first six episodes are out now, and there will be more to come, including updates on Jimmy and Chelsea’s romance.

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