“I won’t wear White Dress on my Wedding”, says Melissa Rivers; No Wedding until 2025

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Melissa Rivers gave updates about her wedding dress as she is going to tie the knot with Steve Mitchel. She revealed that she has no plans of wearing white on Big Day.

She shares the information with PEOPLE, “ I have no plans to walk down the aisle in a big white wedding dress on the wedding day”.

Known as a  podcast host, is busy with wedding plans, and is still not sure what she will wear but one thing is clear in her mind she does not want any traditional gown.

Rivers shared in an interview, “Steve made me promise I wouldn’t wear black because I wear so much black. But navy and dark gray are still in play.”

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Other decisions in a wedding like wedding guests are also not finalized yet.

Rivers continued that they just wanted to celebrate their day with close friends and family.
As she reveals, “We’re not going to do something too big. He’s had a big wedding. I’ve had a big wedding. This ceremony will have people we care about and who care about us”.

While counting the guest list, she says in an amusing way, “Unfortunately the bare bones list is 140, so I think we have to start caring less about the people on our list.”

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She cleared that she still has too much time for the planning as the wedding will not take place until 2025. She also joked about missing her comedy icon mother Joan Rivers throughout the planning process.

She remarks, “I didn’t have to pay for the last one.” And my God, oh dear. Yes, the cost is high. People often inquire as to why I miss my mother the most, and I say, “This.”

After dating for a year and a half, Rivers and Mitchel announced their engagement in October. He proposed when the two were on vacation in Mexico.

In November, Rivers gave PEOPLE an exclusive interview, saying, “It’s a big step for both of us and I’m still in complete and total shock, even a month later, but beyond happy.” Moreover, my mother has approved my fiancée and the ring as well. 

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