Catherine Bradley is Gearing up for Season 2 of The Really Loud House

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Photo Credit: Kelsey Hale

Photo Credit: Kelsey Hale

You might recognize Catherine Bradley from her role on The Really Loud House where she plays the prankster loving, ventriloquist Luan Loud. The show has been picked up for season 2 and Catherine couldn’t be more excited. This bi-coastal actress took some time for this interview about her thoughts on social media, her role as Luan Loud, and her upcoming projects. Enjoy!

You are an actress and a content creator. Why do you think social media is important for young actors?

While social media has its negatives, it also is a powerful way for young actors to positively engage with their fans, friends, and family. I have been part of social media since I began my career around 9 years old, of course with my parent’s permission. I absolutely love it when my fans comment on my posts and do posts and edits of me.  I also love the fanart! I try to look at every comment, every post and every edit by the fans and try to repost in my story and comment as much as I can.  Seeing how excited my fans are when I respond to them makes me so happy! My fans have been supporting me from my early theater and Broadway days and I am thankful for them.  As a person with a large platform at a very young age, I also believe it is important to spread happy messages as well as talk about serious issues. There are so many scary things happening in this world, so if I can shed a little light into people’s lives, that’s a win. Not only do I like to stay positive, but I also like to advocate for the things I believe in. I will always stand with organizations and movements I believe in and try to spread awareness. So, if there are fans not following me yet, they can follow me on Instagram at @catherinebradley_ and on TikTok at @catherinebradleyy

Do you have any advice for your followers on how to handle negative comments on their social media?

Everyone gets negative comments on social media, and it can feel so hurtful.  Sometimes it’s hard not to take it personally no matter how hard you try not to. The best advice I have is to simply ignore them and NEVER respond.  It is not worth the time or energy to engage with that kind of hate or negativity.  I think many of the negative comments are from people seeking attention, even if it’s negative attention, and that is sad.  So, engaging with them may encourage them to continue making negative comments. If something is really negative and inappropriate for my fan base, I try to delete the comments. I have to remind myself to stay grounded and keep everything in perspective, which can be hard because we are all human and just want to be loved and accepted.

How do you come up with ideas for your social media content?

I honestly do not spend a ton of time thinking about content and when to post. My content is many times spur of the moment and happens to coincide with what I am actually doing at that moment or that day.  I do not want my content to feel manufactured or fake.  I want it to be about the real me, my real friends, my real moments.  I think that is more special because then my followers get to see me as a real person.  However, with social media today being so focused on physical beauty, I LOVE bringing my character, Luan Loud and Mr. Coconuts from Nickelodeon’s new series The Really Loud House, to my social media content.  (I have a great TikTok post where I dance with Mr. Coconuts to a trending song!)  Luan is a funny and silly teenager who is obsessed with pranking people and stand-up comedy.  I want fans to see on social media that she is also just a normal teenage girl like me, comfortable being her real authentic self.  Luan is not focused on her physical beauty, but more on her inner beauty and what she loves to do — perform and make people laugh! I hope Luan and my social media content inspires everyone to just be themselves and not change for anyone!  

How did your role on The Really Loud House come about?

That is a crazy story.  So, my younger sister, Aubin, got the audition for Lucy Loud in the Loud House Christmas movie first. And of course, they loved Aubin!  So when Aubin got invited to a director session, my mom noticed on the email invite and breakdown that they were still looking for some roles including Luan Loud, Lucy’s older sister.  Luan is a teenager who literally is obsessed with stand-up comedy and is also a prankster, a master of disguises, a ventriloquist, and a total theater geek. My mom thought I was perfect for Luan, except for one big problem . . .  it said they were looking for someone 15-16 years old and I was only 13 at the time, and they almost never cast younger kids to play older kids. My mom called my manager and agent, and they pitched me to the casting agent, Shery Levine, and I am so thankful she gave me the opportunity to send in a self-tape.  I only had a day turnaround and I had to learn ventriloquism overnight.  I used my flying pig puppet with huge, long eyelashes. So, I guess they liked my tape or at least the flying pig. I then got a producer session next and got to meet the director, Jonathan Judge.  I heard him laughing a lot and he was so nice. I think he really liked the flying pig puppet also, especially when she winked at him and would not get out of the frame.  Anyway, then Jonathan made me imitate Mr. Coconuts, Luan’s alter-ego puppet, and that was a lot of fun, except I had never heard Mr. Coconuts’ voice. (So, I winged it!) The funniest part was they did not know Aubin and I were sisters.  And the most amazing part was that both Aubin and I got the job!  What were the odds of that?  Two real sisters playing sisters. It was so exciting and completely unexpected!

2K1P629 New York, USA. 19th Sep, 2022. Catherine Ashmore Bradley attends the Fashion4Development 2nd Annual Sustainable Goals Banquet at 583 Park in New York, NY on September 19, 2022. (Photo by Stephen Smith/SIPA USA) Credit: Sipa USA/Alamy Live News

What is your favorite moment from being on the set of The Really Loud House?

My favorite moment on the set was working with my sister Aubin Bradley to create the “tap-off” between our characters, Lucy and Luan.  Aubin and I both tap dance, and we had the most fun filming a scene where we battle by tap dancing.  It was so cool and one of the most fun scenes I have ever filmed. In Season 2, there may be another “battle” between us.  We have incredible chemistry together.  Another great memory from working on the show was getting to act with Vicki Lawrence. Getting to be able to learn from such an iconic comedian (literally she was one of the youngest stars ever on The Carol Burnett Show) was truly an experience I will never forget. She was so incredible to perform scenes with and was so funny. 

You go to a lot of red-carpet events. What has been your favorite event so far?

Walking the orange carpet at The Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards this year has to be an all- time favorite. It was such a magical experience for me. Ever since I was little, I have been watching the KCAs. Seeing it in person, especially attending the KCAs as a part of a nominated show, was so surreal. Seeing everyone’s outfits was definitely one of the coolest parts, as I love fashion. One of my other favorite parts was attending with my little sisters, Aubin and Alex. Getting to share such a memorable moment with them is something I will always remember. I absolutely loved watching the performances. I was also sitting so close to Adam Sandler, who I LOVE!!!!  Seeing him get slimed on his throne was definitely a highlight.

How important do you think networking is to a budding career?

I think networking is critical to anyone’s career regardless of your field.  Not only is it critical, but it is also a ton of fun.  Through networking you meet aspiring actors like yourself, directors, casting agents, and so many more fun people that you interact with in the film industry. I try to go to as many industry events as possible so I can learn and just have fun.  I am still very new to this industry and really benefit from hearing from others who have been doing this longer.  I also have met some of my best friends from networking in Los Angeles.  One of my guest stars in an upcoming episode I met at a networking event in LA. We struck up a friendship and now we are working together.  (Spoiler alert!!)  

Are there any upcoming projects you can share with our readers? 

Right now, I am immersed in the world of Nickelodeon’s and Paramount Plus’s new series The Really Loud House and am so excited that it has been renewed for Season 2 with 20 more episodes with some super exciting guest stars.  The fans are going to love these new episodes!!! Also, there is going to be a Halloween Movie that I am beyond excited about!!! 

Photo credit: Kelsey Hale

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