Chrissy Teigen discloses dietary habits of her family; Reveals her 6-year-old son Miles has “never” consumed any vegetable

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Chrissy Teigen

Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday, discussed the dietary habits of Teigen’s family. She also shared her kid’s dietary habits without any hesitation.

Teigen with co-star David Chang, model and novelist came on the show at Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday. Kimmel asked her, “Are your kids good eaters?” to which she replied, “From all, Luna is the best eater as she consumes veggies and salads”.

Chrissy Teigen transparently disclosed “Well, my daughter and John are here, they’re in the first row,” to which the audience cheered. On the audience’s reaction John Legend, 45, and his 7-year-old daughter Luna Simone grinned.

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“I always say, she goes to The Voice all the time and she sees daddy work but she’s never really come to see me.” Sometimes, we snatched her up from school and she came to see this”, Teigen remarked.

The mother of four then disclosed that her five-year-old son Miles Theodore isn’t good when it comes to his own culinary preferences.

Teigen disclosed, “Miles has still not had a vegetable.” He’s almost six years old. He was really angry that he had unintentionally eaten a broccoli floret in his fried rice.

While attending a Zoom call where they talked about picky eaters, they heard that kids have the power to pick and choose the food they want at this age. So he always does it.

After that, Kimmel made a remark that it’s fascinating how people claim kids have no power over anything, “but they seem to have control over every aspect, every minute of our lives.”

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“I know,” Teigen, who is married to Legend and has children Luna, and Miles, daughter Esti Maxine, age one, and boy Wren Alexander Stephens, age seven months, said as she laughed along with the crowd.

Teigen posted a cute video of herself getting her hair and makeup done as Wren rested on her lap on her Instagram story before her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

“A big sleepy baby,” the star gushed as Wren yawned. Teigen then flaunted her look to the camera as she wore a peach-colored bodycon mini dress with a matching headband.

Meanwhile, after her appearance, Teigen snuggled up with Luna and Miles as she revealed they were on the way to the Sundance Film Festival

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