Kourtney Kardashian reveals things she packed in 3 bags for her Labor

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Kourtney Barker likes to be ready in advance as she packed 3 different bags for newborn baby, her personal stuff and some blankets and pillows for their stay.

The mother of four delivered the baby no 4 “Rocky Thirteen” on November 1 whom she shares with husband Travis Barker. She recently revealed what she kept in her labor and delivery hospital bags.

Kourtney Kardashian Hospital bag
Kourtney Kardashian Hospital bag

A 44-year-old Kardashian uploaded a post on her lifestyle website Poosh where she disclosed how she organized three hospital bags and what belongings she kept for the special moments. A reality TV star said, “One for her, one for the baby, and one for extra miscellaneous items like blankets, pillows, and cameras.”

On Monday, Kardashian shared the Poosh photo on her Instagram Story with the message, “I hope it’s helpful.” 3.5 months have passed since I packed it”.

Little Rocky’s color-coordinated belongings, like a skeleton onesie, a skull print blanket, and a customized wash bag embroidered with “Baby Barker,” were seen on the Kardashians star’s following Instagram Story.

Rocky’s delivery was documented on her website, where it was also disclosed that Kardashian and her 48-year-old musician husband had brought “matching SKIMs pajamas” for themselves. Kardashian added, “I like black, but the hospital gives white mesh ones,” and made sure to pack “disposable black undies.” Without compromising comfort, keeping everything to help you feel your best after giving birth is worthwhile.

Kardashian also recommended keeping Mermaid tea “to help milk production” for breastfeeding and “plenty of high-waisted postpartum underwear” to help get your organs back into shape.

For Rocky, the cheerful child’s bag haul included an outfit that big sister Penelope Scotland had selected especially for the going home celebration. “P picked this out and bought it for the baby as a surprise for me, the sweetest,” Kardashian revealed.

The conscientious mother also disclosed that she removed the tags from all of Rocky’s clothing with a seam ripper. She playfully wrote, “I’m a little crazy.”

Additionally, the Kardashian Barkers brought three cameras to assist document the early moments with their child. She revealed, “Kourt’s point-and-shoot camera, a new digital video camera, and a vintage video camera.”

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The celebrity additionally included two first aid kits. A “cord blood kit” and a “Placenta encapsulation kit” which noted that “Umbilical cord blood contains tons of stem cells.”

Through a joint Instagram post, couple Kourtney and Travis revealed the first cute pictures of their newborn son.  They wrote a caption,”ROCKY” while disclosing his name.

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