Trishelle Cannatella comebacks in “The Traitors”

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Trishelle Cannatella The Traitors

Trishelle Cannatella back into the picture and all thanks to “The Traitors”.

With the exception of two All-Stars episodes in 2021, the former Real World: Las Vegas star has been dominating the Peacock competition, was on a break from The Challenge for over a decade.

“It got to the point where the Challenges were too much for me,” Cannatella, 44, explains to PEOPLE why she left the MTV program. She continued, “After I reached a plateau, I simply stopped being good. However, The Traitors is a whole different story. I’m still capable of contributing to this game”.

Cannatella’s decision to discontinue competing was also influenced by her fellow Challenge cast members.

She claims, “I didn’t like the people, so I stopped caring.” “This show has better individuals, but it’s more of a mental and emotional tough competition. And I’ve always believed that my mental and emotional toughness is unmatched. And so I thought, “Ah, this is the ideal game for me because I can just survive and thrive in it.”

Cannatella wasn’t immediately comfortable with the challengers Chris “CT” Tamburello and Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio, despite the fact that they had previously worked together on season 2 of The Traitors.

She declares, “Nobody in the Challenge house can be trusted.” It’s not actually possible. Up to a certain point, you could trust your alliance, but that’s it. 

She was able to mend her friendship with Tamburello thanks to traitors.

Cannatella acknowledges, “CT and I did our last show like 14 years ago-ish, but I just didn’t like him. He’s come a long way. Oh my god, we’re like grownups now”. Cannatella describes Devenanzio, 41, and Tamburello, 43, as “my brothers” now.

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Cannatella states, “The show has been completely different. Wow, this is something I may obtain attached to.”

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