Fans backlashed at Kim Kardashian as she performed Ski without Helmet

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Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian

Despite her reputation as a skilled skier, Kim Kardashian nonetheless faced backlash from her admirers as she was not wearing a helmet while riding a chairlift in Colorado with her sister Khloé Kardashian.

“ASPEN,” she captioned the photos, which featured her and Khloé riding the chairlift at Buttermilk Mountain Resort as she was dressed entirely in black, wearing black Anon M2 MFI ski goggles and Victoria Beckham leather ski bibs and jacket.

Kim and Khloe Kardashian
Kim and Khloe Kardashian skiing in Aspen. Photo KIM KARDASHIAN/INSTAGRAM

Khloé, 39, commented, “VIBES,” beneath Kim’s photo.

Several followers of her Instagram account pointed out that she was not wearing a helmet so fans started dropping in the comments section. What could make this more seductive? One fan responded, “Helmet please!” while another exclaimed, “A helmet!”

Kim, 43, does, a source confirms to PEOPLE, wear a helmet when she’s on the slopes. The insider notes that “she regularly wears a helmet,” although it was likely removed for the picture.

While Kim was not visible wearing a helmet, Khloé was pictured posing with her sister while sporting a full motorbike helmet that included built-in Bluetooth cat-ear speakers.

On social media, the Kardashians frequently post pictures from their ski vacations. Kim was spotted riding a helmet downhill on Instagram in 2018 as she flaunted her snowboarding prowess. Regarding the post, she added, “Fun Fact, I can ski.”

Khloé also uploaded memories on Instagram earlier this month from her similar trip to Aspen with Kim.

Fans were worried about their favourite that apart from their helmet she was posing in the snow in a bikini and fur coat when posing for the camera. Fans claimed, “She wasn’t wearing a helmet this time. She wasn’t even wearing a lot”.

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