Scarlett Johansson Forced Joaquin Phoenix To Ran Away By a movie scene

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Scarlett Johansson Forced Joaquin Phoenix
Scarlett Johansson Forced Joaquin Phoenix / image by social media

Scarlett Johansson mentioned In an interview that her co actor Joaquin Phoenix ran away as he felt awkward while doing a sex scene between two of them. In the year 2013 Scarlett Johnson’s career was about to explode in the film industry for her great role as  Natasha Romanoff, AKA Black Widow, in the Marvel cinematic universe. For her performance in that she got famous and earned glamour.

On the other side Joaquin Phoenix was already a established actor. He proved his talent then by being nominated for three academy awards for best actor in walk the  line. The pair of Joaquin and Scarlett came together In a 2013 academy award winning film named “Her”. Many reports mention that performance of Scarlett made Joaquin so  uncomfortable that he ran away from her.

According to the report Scarlett was playing the  role of the artificial intelligence called Siri. There was a scene in which Scarlett have to do a phone sex with the leading actor Joaquin Phoenix.   Apparently the acting was so real that it made the lard actor run away from actress. So it can be said the acting was so good. She mentioned that they couldn’t take property one take before Joaquin Phoenix ran away. 

Mainly the movie “Her” is about a writer named Theodore(Phoenix) who wants o make his writing easy by using a artificial intelligence operating system. The name of the operating system was  Samantha (Johansson), which is designed to meet his every need. The film contains many more prominent actors.

Moreover in that interview Scarlett Johansson mentioned about her early career days and   how she had been typecast into Oversexualized roles. She was not getting roles that she wanted and writer getting rejected for her age as well. While she began her career as Natasha Romanoff as that role was oversexualized version of the character. She had moved beyond that typecast and with he role in “Her” show her skills in doing both  type of roles.

Scarlett Johansson has great skills and passion for acting. As well as she was able to differentiate between depth and specialization. 

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