David Gail died due to cardiac arrest; Family representative issued a press statement

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David Gail died due to cardiac arrest

David Gail’s cause of death revealed!!

A representative from the family issued a press release stating the cause of death, “He died on January 16, 2024, at the age of 58, as a result of complications from sudden cardiac arrest”.

According to the official statement, when doctors discovered the actor unconscious, they tried to recover him and give defibrillation. Sadly, nothing appeared to be effective, and Gail was placed on life support for a few days before being officially declared deceased.

The representative said in a release that PEOPLE was able to get, “The family has no reason to suspect the cause of his death was anything other than heart failure.” 

Family says, “David’s love of acting and his constant commitment for his friends and family will live eternally in his remembrance. He had a certain quality that made everyone feel honored to be around him.”

Regarding her son’s untimely passing, Gail’s mother Mary stated in the statement released on Monday: “We were deeply touched by the huge amount of love from David’s devoted fans and colleagues. We appreciate all of the help we’ve gotten during this extremely challenging period.”

The news of Gail’s passing was initially shared on Instagram on Friday by her sister, Kathryn “Katie” Colmenares, who referred to her brother as her “best friend” and “wingman.”

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He had an appearance in the romantic comedy Bending All the Rules in 2002, starring Bradley Cooper and Colleen Porch. Among his previous cinematic performances is Perfect Opposites from 2004.

In response to Colmenares’ (his sister) Instagram post, Ferriero said that Gail was a “kind human.” He stated further, “He was full of life and incredible stories. I am thankful that I gained knowledge from him and a chance to know him personally. I’m heartbroken for both worldwide and family following this tragedy.  For us, he was a gift.”

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