Julie Shore and Scott Gaede Re-married after a Divorce; Surprised their daughters

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Julie Shore and Scott Gaede Re-married

A couple, Julie Shore and Scott Gaede surprised their daughters by getting remarried to each other. After staying 17 years together in a marriage; the pair parted their ways, but now tied the knot again. They called this moment a “successful parent trap”.

Their daughter, 24 years old Rachedl expressed her feelings that “Seeing your parents fall in love again and rekindle the joy is not something that a lot of people get to experience.”

julie Shore and Scott Gaede
julie Shore and Scott Gaede

She thinks that after a divorce, a relationship does not get closure especially when you share children. The relationship of Julie Shore and Scott Gaede did not end, they felt their love story warranted a sequel despite being apart for almost ten years.
Bringing together their family was their utmost priority, who originally met at the age of 24, then simply rekindling their romance.

Julie Shore and Scott Gaede
Julie Shore and Scott Gaede / Photo by  CAROLINE EYER

Daughter, Rachel Gaede,has experience on TikTok by creating multiple videos that have received tens of millions of views. She started by witnessing her parents rekindle their love and resolving the complexities of organizing an engagement and wedding again.

The subtitle was, “WAR IS OVERRRRRRR” with more to say in a  video from December 28; “Our parents are officially Re-married and we are no longer children of divorce,” from the wedding day which got almost eight million views.

“Successful parent trap,” she continued, alluding to the 1998 remake of the 1961 movie, which starred a teenage Lindsay Lohan. Rachel tells PEOPLE that it’s actually more “Parent Trap-esque,” despite the movie similarity.

Two daughters who have seen their parents parting their ways have got them back. “So I think we have similarities to the Parent Trap story,” she said in a video.

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Almost dating for three years and one year of engagement the couple got married in 1997. Their daughters, Rachel and Caroline, were born in 1999 and 2003, respectively.  In 2014, the couple decided to get separated; and the decision was announced a day before Rachel following her middle school graduation.

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