Elisabeth opens about her role in Hulu’s new series, “The Veil”

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Elisabeth opens The Veil

Elisabeth defines the word “fun” in a unique way when it comes to her profession. The actress, 41, spoke up about the most difficult portions of her character in Hulu’s newest spy thriller series, “The Veil“, and why it’s fast become her most hard-to-date, at Friday’s Television Critics Association panel.

A fan asked the actress, whether she ever thought to take up a lighter role or fun romantic comedy, after denoting her history of taking on challenging and weighty roles, as she did in “The Handmaid’s Tale”. I find this to be entertaining. Regarding the impending series, she remarked, “I felt like I had a lot of comedy and a lot of romance in this.”

Despite enjoying every minute of her time on set, Moss said that, considering the training and abilities required for the part, playing an MI-6 agent could have been the hardest thing she has ever done as an actor.

She said, “It was far more difficult, considering just the amount of abilities and various activities I needed to learn with the language and the stunts, the fight instruction, speaking a couple of additional languages here and there, and travelling all around the world.” “It certainly felt that it was, if achievable, I had learned things even more demanding than Handmaid’s which is unimaginable to say,” she added on the futuristic drama.

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Moss is getting ready for The Handmaid’s Tale’s sixth and final season in addition to her role as the lead in “The Veil” on Hulu. The popular drama, which is based on Margaret Atwood’s book, was given a final instalment renewal in advance of its September 2022 debut for season 5.

The show, which made its Hulu premiere in April 2017, is set in a future infertile country where handmaids are assigned to have children.

The program has created history by being the first streaming drama series to gain an accomplishment and an Emmy for “Best Drama Series” over its entire duration. Since then, it has garnered 14 Emmys, including a Peabody Award and three awards for Moss’s Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

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