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Photo Credit: Personal Collection

Photo Credit: Personal Collection

Jake Diaz is an actor and content creator best known to his fans as the Kidventurist. His unique brand of content is not only engaging but inspiring! His thirst for adventure takes him to some amazing locations. In between adventures, Jake took the time for this interview about his thoughts on social media and his upcoming projects. Enjoy!

You are an actor and a content creator. Why do you think social media is important for young actors?

I feel Social Media is important if it’s respected and used for good. This is the way much of the younger generation is influenced or shares everything from positive life experiences to personal feelings about important matters. It’s a way to support causes and even make people smile. I personally enjoy sharing fun adventures to help share some cool locations that families can enjoy together. I’m thankful that social media gives me the platforms I need to reach many people at a time.

Do you have any advice for your followers on how to handle negative comments on their social media?

I would say “Ignore it”, however, I know that isn’t always easy to do. To be honest, I simply block any negativity that affects my page. I think it’s important to remove that energy right away because mean things can get stuck in our heads if we allow them to. My parents also help me work through those types of challenges as well. 

How do you come up with ideas for your social media content?

I have a wonderful team that includes my mom who is my Brand Manager, My Public Relations team, Key Elements along with my acting agent and manager. Between us all, I don’t usually have any problem coming up with content. I do also enjoy partnering with brands to get some eyes on their products or fun foods!

How did you get the idea to be a Kidventurist ?

Well the idea to become The Kidventurist came from my mom. She wanted a super unique name to represent what I do but that was geared more towards kids, teens and families. Although I’m a teenager now, I’m still a kid and a big adventure type so you put them together and there ya go! 

Photo Credit: Personal Collection

You go to a lot of red-carpet events. What has been your favorite event so far?

I enjoy them all because there is so much thought, time and effort put into them so I always feel special and pampered when I attend the Red Carpet Events. My favorite so far has been the World Premiere of “Haunted Mansion” hosted by Disney Studios and held at Disneyland & Disney’s California Adventure Park!

How important do you think networking is to a budding career?

Networking is vital! It’s what helps you get seen and into some projects. Recommendations for jobs come from people you meet through networking and you can also recommend others that may be a good fit for a job that comes up in a discussion. It gives you a chance to learn from like minded people in the entertainment industry. I have made some long lasting friendships and work relationships as well as booked some jobs from people I met while networking!

7. Are there any upcoming projects you can share with our readers?

At this moment it is slow because of the SAG strike which I am in full support of. I do have an upcoming commercial (not affected by strike) for a large company coming up and I’m excited about that since it’s filming up in Mammoth! 

Photo Credit: Personal Collection

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