Kate Hudson drops a teaser of her upcoming album, “Talk About Love”

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Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson just revealed a glimpse of her next album to her fans. With the release of a teaser from her newest music album, fans are eager to see the full musical debut by providing Almost Famous. 

The 44-year-old actress from “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” dropped a fresh teaser on social media on Monday, revealing the song’s title and release date.

The title of the video is “Talk About Love,”  and it flashes across the display as the instrument plays in the background. Hudson can be seen wearing a fur coat and cat eye eyeglasses in the tease

In the comment section she only wrote the release date, 1•30 which reveals that on January 30 the album will be released. 

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Hudson posted a video of herself and a band at a recording studio last week.  The photo caption says, “Here we go and she’s coming.”

Hudson talked candidly with PEOPLE earlier this month on her debut concert, which happened on December 28 at Bad Harriet in Aspen, Colorado.

The actress played a number of covers during the event, including her own version of Patty Griffin’s “When It Don’t Come Easy” and a bluesy version of Chris Stapleton’s “White Horse.” The event was held ahead of Hudson’s intentions to release her debut album.

Hudson remarked, “I really enjoyed the little concert we performed. It was a lot of fun, extremely intimate, and incredibly beneficial for me to do. It was quite harsh.”

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“That small environment, where everyone was right there, was really fun for me and challenging. I just loved it,” she stated.

When Hudson posted a picture of herself singing at a rehearsal area on Instagram in 2022, with a first indication that she was going to record an album.

She continued by telling the speaker Jimmy Fallon that “Although she had been writing songs since she was 19, she had “never shared” them, saying that this was one of her biggest regrets. I don’t have any demands. I’m only doing this because I want to release a record. And I’m rather pleased with it. I’m eager”.

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