Lainey Wilson compliments Beyoncé and her music at People’s Choice Awards Event

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Lainey Wilson compliments Beyoncé

Lainey Wilson entirely admires Beyoncé. On the People’s Choice Awards red carpet on Sunday, Wilson spoke candidly with Extra about why fans should be happy with the singer’s transition into country music.

“I adore it,” Wilson exclaimed. Wilson continued, “More is always better. Again, it’s all about the storytelling, I think. Making people feel at home is all that is necessary because everyone wants to feel at home.”

Upon being questioned about her thoughts on certain country music stations’ refusals to broadcast Beyoncé’s recent country hits, “Texas Hold’ Em” and “16 Carriages,” Wilson proceeded to compliment the singer.

“Hey, what do you know? There will be opinions on everything from everyone. You wouldn’t say it to her face, I bet,” she remarked and added, “I love Beyoncé.”

The “Heart Like a Truck” singer’s 2022 album Bell Bottom Country, which won her the 2024 Grammy for best country album, helped her gain further acclaim in the music industry. While winning the prize, Wilson talked about how her background had helped her become who she is today.

Wilson shared, “I am a fifth-generation farmer’s daughter from a small hamlet of 200 people in northeastern Louisiana, and I would consider myself a farmer as well. Additionally, I believe that everyone with whom I surround myself is a farmer but a narrative farmer.”

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“And it is simply waking up each day and sowing those seeds and feeding them and watching them grow,” Wilson continued. “And sometimes when you find the right farming community, you can have a harvest of a lifetime, and I truly believe that and I think that’s exactly what this is tonight.” Wilson describes her career as a “whirlwind” as she approaches a desired destination.

Although there’s not much information available regarding Beyoncé’s upcoming country music album, fans can anticipate its release on March 29.

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