Lenny Kravitz reveals sexy hint of muscles at 2024 Critics Choice Awards

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Lenny Kravitz

At the 2024 Critics Choice Awards, Lenny Kravitz revealed his sexy hint look to the media once again. One week ago, at the 2024 Golden Globe Award night, a 59-year-old star wore a resembling outfit revealing his sexy personality.

His look at the award night has focused the photographers to take a double take.

The star was dressed in all-black outfit with a jacket that crossed in the front to reveal a bit of flesh on his hips and a part of his stomach. His trademark mirrored sunglasses, a slender chain belt, and an abundance of jewelry complimented the entire look.

This outfit gave a resemblance to the backless jumpsuit worn by Alexander McQueen, who also baring his skin at the 2024 Golden Globes a week earlier. At the event, the singer’s song “Road to Freedom” was nominated for best original song/movie.

Kravitz, who is set to start a global tour, said of his typical shirtless look to KTLA 5, “I don’t have many shirts. I reside in the Bahamas, you know. I keep things really simple.”

“I just throw on the jacket and the pants,” he said while focusing on keeping the things simple.

Not only Kravitz likes wearing cutaway suits. Actress Emily Blunt of Oppenheimer appeared on Thursday’s edition of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert also loves this style. She was donning the look alike outfit that Kravitz wore to the Golden Globes.

“This is also what Lenny Kravitz wore at the Golden Globes last weekend,” host Stephen Colbert said while presenting a picture of the musician’s attire.

In reaction, the actress got to her feet and placed a hand next to Kravitz’s snapshot, placing her hand on her hip. Blunt said to Colbert, “I saw him swaggering across the floor at the Golden Globes.” “I knew I wouldn’t wear it, but I still planned to wear it for your show,” the woman said.

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To enjoy the 29th annual Critics Choice Awards, see CW’s Broadcast. The award night was hosted by Chelsea Handler.

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