Louis Tomlinson has officially removed one direction from his bio

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Louis Tomlinson
Louis Tomlinson/image by social media

Louis Tomlinson famous singer of the famous music brand one direction has finally removed one direction from his bio. Now it is an end of an era as he was with the band for long time.

It is not completely sure when Louis removed it from his Instagram and Twitter’s bio. But fans noticed it at the end of August. Louis is doing great and d released two album in recent time. But Louis removed one direction from his bio and fans are criticizing him. Many says something happened between Louis and one direction.

However it is not completely known and nobody knows the exact time when Louis Tomlinson changed his bio and since a long time Louis was not performing for one direction. Many people already knew that he was having problems with one direction. So in an interview Louis himself mentioned that, “it took so long to get over”. So finally problems between them is over and Louis Tomlinson left the music band.

 But Louis Tomlinson also mentioned that it might be a small break for him as well. He might again join with the band and do some great projects together. But he is not sure how long this break will be and when he will come back again.

According to Louis Tomlinson he always wanted a break but many situations didn’t let him take a break. But finally he left the band. He further mentioned that he left the band with fingers crossed and thinking it might be a break of only one or two years. It might also be long. That all depends on him and he will decide when he will start again. However now he wants to focus on his solo career and he want to improve his own career.

Though all the fans are waiting and wants him to join the band and start making more albums together!

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