Stefani talks about “No Doubt” reunion; Reveals, “I will need to learn about eight or nine songs”

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The “Cool” singer anticipates having a blast from the past at Coachella when she reunites with No Doubt. The diva discussed the group’s forthcoming festival performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night. She said that although the group hasn’t begun rehearsals, she is already aware that she might need to retrain her memory of some of the group’s older songs.

“No, I don’t recall them at all. No, I do not! I estimate that I will need to learn about eight or nine songs. We’re doing “Different People,” which was one of the earliest songs I ever wrote,” the 54-year-old Stefani said to Kimmel.

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She immediately covered her mouth, acting shocked, and said, “I’m not supposed” as the crowd applauded the 1995 song, which can be found on the band’s third album Tragic Kingdom.

“The only way out one, we could do,” Stefani remarked. “They’ll just need to sing it for us,” said.

With Adrian Young on drums, Tom Dumont on guitar, Tony Kanal on bass, and Stefani on vocals, “No Doubt” last came back together for their first album in eleven years, “Push and Shove”, in 2012. As a group they last performed in 2015. 

Stefani remarked of their reunion, “It’s crazy.” It will be incredible. I can’t wait. And I believe the funniest part will be, I already know what’s going to happen”. She explains, “As I get onstage, I’m going to look around and start laughing because it will all simply seem like riding a bike. We will ask ourselves, “What are we doing? Right now, we’re at Coachella, in the future”. It will be strange.

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Stefani, who is wife of country music artist Blake Shelton, spoke candidly with PEOPLE last month of her forthcoming Coachella performance, saying that accepting the invitation was a simple “yes.”

The 47-year-old actress told Kimmel that she originally penned the duet “Purple Irises” exclusively for herself. Stefani and Shelton are currently celebrating the debut of this new song.

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