Niragi Alice in Borderland: The Game Of Life And Death, Netflix, Season 3?

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Niragi Alice in Borderland

Niragi Alice, (Dori Sakurada) is the most wanted and suspenseful character in Alice in Borderland, in this article we discuss the comeback of Suguru Niragi Alice in Borderland and the revealing ending of Alice in Borderland season 2, what do you think is there any season 3 coming or the secrete of niragi is being in suspense or what happened to niragi in Alice in borderland? let’s discuss it.

In the mysterious world of “Alice in Borderland,” one character stands out with an air of mystery Niragi Alice. As fans involve themselves in this thrilling series, they quickly become fans of the mysterious journey of Niragi Alice in the Borderland. With an engaging storyline and a touch of suspense, Niragi Alice’s character becomes the focal point, weaving secrets and riddles throughout the narrative. In the heart of Borderland’s challenges and complexities, Niragi Alice becomes a central figure, bringing a unique blend of determination and curiosity to the forefront. 

Suguru Niragi Alice In Borderland
Suguru Niragi Alice In Borderland

The unfolding saga of Niragi Alice introduces audiences to a world where secrets are located around every corner, adding layers of suspense that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. As we move on this exploration, we will unravel the relation of Niragi in Alice in Borderland, examining not only the game mechanics but also the psychological thrill that Niragi’s character brings to the forefront and leaving players 

Who is Niragi Alice in Borderland? (Real Character of Niragi Alice)

In this series, Niragi’s full name is Suguru Niragi, he plays the role of a gangster’s main member. Niragi is a tall smart man who performs a very strong and bad guy character, he has long black hair half of which he ties in a small bun, and wears piercings on ears, nose, and tongue that give him a gangster look. In the series, he mostly carries a Colt M41A gun on his shoulder.

Entry of Niragi Alice in Borderland Season 1 And His Past

At the beginning of Alice in Borderland Season 1 of Episode 6th we see Niragi in the white and black shirt with Aguni who was the second leader of the beach and also a friend of Hater. After the death of hater (number 1) who was the leader of the gang, they have to choose another leader who leads them and helps to play the games and survive their life collecting the cards which is the lifeline for them or we can say that relaxing days for them. 

Suguru Niragi Alice In Borderland
Suguru Niragi Alice In Borderland

Now after the death of the hater niragi puts everyone down based on his gun with his friends so that Aguni becomes the leader of the entire team. Niragi shows his terror and forces others to choose Aguni as their leader 

By forcing everyone to accept Aguni as a leader, Arisu leaves to find collected cards that were hidden in a locker in Aguni’s room but unfortunately, he is captured by Niragi for cheating them he is beaten very brutally by Niragi. At the end of 6th episode, the beach resort is also a game arena, and all the people who stay there Now they were participants in the game with this suspense the Niragi Alice in Borderland episode 6th ends.

Suguru Niragi Alice In Borderland
Suguru Niragi Alice In Borderland

At the start of episode 7th the game begins and to find out the witch Aguni orders all gangsters to kill everyone and put the fire, niragi, and his members start firing and creating a dangerous environment.

Niragi sits at the top of the building to shoot the people while shooting he remembers his past when he was in school and how other students bullied him. At that time he was a very innocent boy who never beat anyone. At that time Chishiya comes and distracts Niragi with cards and burns Niragi but he jumps into the swimming pool. at the beginning of the 8th episode, we see He is not dead but half of his skin is burnt Later he again starts firing and Aguni stops him by fighting with him.

Suguru Niragi
Suguru Niragi Alice In Borderland

Niragi Alice in Borderland Season 2 ending explained

At the start of Borderland season 2 episode 1 they all have to play a game in the area of King of Club, to play the game they need 5 members suddenly to play with them Niragi joins them because that is the last day of his visa life.

Suguru Niragi Alice In Borderland
Sugurun Niragi Alice In Borderland

The other members Arisu, Usagi, Hikari Kuina, and Kodai refuse to play with Niragi because he is a gangster and they can’t believe him because last night he killed many people with his gun, but Usagi explains to everyone that if they don’t play they will die

In the second episode, Everyone is ready to play the game with Niragi, in the middle of the game we see Niragi doing vomit of blood and we find he has last-stage cancer Niragi finds Usagi alone and tries to bully her and sexually harassment, at her time Arisu helps Usagi and throw Niragi away, the last they all win the game.

We see Niragi in the 7th episode a man requests Niragi to shoot him because he doesn’t tolerate pain but Niragi refuses to shoot him he wants the man to suffer the pain that he does. when the last game is left and the left of the players are assembled to play, Niragi shoots Chishiya and points the gun at Arisu suddenly Usagi comes and Niragi tries to shoot her but Chishiya saves Usagi from built and Arisu shoots Niragi. Niragi didn’t die he was just injured.

At the last of the 8th episode Arisu and Usagi won that last game also and leftover players who were safe in the game for all an announcement was there that they had two choices, they could live in the game and play it continue or they could get back to their normal life, Chishya ask to Niragi that what he wants Niragi choose to get back to their normal life.

Dori Sakurada (Niragi Alice In Borderland’s) Movies, Drama And TV Shows

In the previous we talked about the most dangerous character niragi played by Dori Sakurada is a Japanese actor and singer. His birthplace is Japan and his birth date is December 7, 1991. The movie that he plays is:

We’re Broke, My Lord

This story is about someone who suddenly becomes a lord from an ordinary person, which going to be lucky at first But there’s a big problem the area they become lord of, known as the Nibuyama Domain, owes a large amount of money – 10 billion yen! So, what seemed like a great stroke of luck turned out to be quite challenging because now they have to deal with a lot of problems.

Back Street Girls: Gokudols

This story is about a group of three girls who, they forced by their boss who is a gangster 

Walking with My Grandma

This is a comedy movie where a granddaughter brought her grandmother to her wedding with a wheelchair because her legs were not working


It is a comedy and romantic movie in which you will see some mysterious things happen to a girl who is in school she wants a better life with joy and happiness

The Werewolf Game: The Beast Side

This movie is about horror and thriller games where 10 high school students are trapped in a mysterious game of wolf 

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Alice in Borderland Niragi Season 1 death?

Chishiya burns Niragi but he wasnt dead he jumps into the swimming pool and only some of part of his body is burnt 

Who is Niragi in Alice in Borderland Season 1?

Niragi is a gangster or a bad boy who keeps a gun on his shoulder to show his terror 

Who kills Niragi?

In season 2 Arisu shoots Niragi but he is not dead he is only injured

Is Niragi a good or bad guy?

When he was in high school he was a very innocent boy, he was bullied by other bad boys who torcher him, this situation made Niragi a bad guy now he kills the players and wants everyone to suffer from his pain

Do chisiya and niragi remember?

In season 2 episode 8, they both choose to move into the real world and they both don’t remember each other

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