Wednesday Season 2 will return likely in 2025

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Wednesday Season 2

Here’s the latest news of Wednesday Season 2. As per the sources, the second season of Wednesday won’t return until 2025. 

In November 2022, Tim Burton unveiled his plan for the Addams family universe. He directed the first four episodes of the fantasy drama, in which Jenna Ortega plays the main character. 

After being expelled from high school, her interpretation of the characters in Nevermore, a school for hideous misfits, where she still finds it difficult to fit in.

In short period, the eight-episode teen drama having mystery and horror aspects became the biggest hit on Netflix and grabbed the audience’s attention.

Deadline adds that Wednesday, season 2, is among the Netflix series shaped by the Hollywood strikes, which lasted for a significant portion of the second half of 2023, despite the show’s meteoric rise in popularity and eagerly awaited comeback. 

Season 2 production isn’t expected to start until late April in a new location, Ireland and won’t be released until 2024 or 2025.

On Wednesday, Ortega will receive a promotion to producer for season 2. The celebrity has stated in earlier remarks that it was decided to emphasize Wednesday’s scary features. 

She added that season 2 would waive romantic love interests in favour of a reprise of Tyler and Xavier’s season 1 love triangle. It’s unclear how the end of the story will be addressed in light of this change.

The main Addams family members are anticipated to return, but there is no news about the casting for season 2. 

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Renowned personalities like Gwendoline Christie, who previously starred in Game of Thrones, and Christina Ricci, who portrayed a young Wednesday in the 1990s film, were also included in the first series. However, the program seemed to clear things out and give important characters a satisfying ending. 

More information about season 2 will be revealed once the production starts in April as per the sources.

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