Netflix announces new series “One Day” to release on V Day

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Netflix Series One Day

Netflix has announced a new series “One Day” on the occasion of Valentine’s Day which will break many hearts. This time around, lead writer Nicole Taylor (Wild Rose), the creator of the series, wrote the scripts while Nicholls was the executive producer.

Netflix Series one day
Netflix Series one day

“The days and chapters in the movie function as narrative hooks that connect the wider arc”, according to Nicholls. Every chapter and every day in a series is a standalone narrative with a beginning, middle, and end. Often, it has a distinct tone and style; examples include solo pieces, romantic comedies, darker dramas, and far-reaching sync. 

The short synopsis of the series is “On July 15, 1988, also referred to as St. Swithin’s Day in the UK, Em and Dex had their first encounter on the eve of their college graduation in Edinburgh. Despite all of their disparities, big-man on campus Emma is a working-class, scholarly writer who aspires to improve the world. After a disastrous one-night affair, Dexter, a wealthy, well-mannered schoolboy with no real ambitions for the future begins a friendship that teeters on the brink of becoming more”.

“One Day” was previously made into a 2011 movie starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess, which got some extremely harsh reviews due to a screenplay by Nicholls.

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The film, according to Ty Burr of the Boston Globe, is “a miscast, underwritten, drably directed adaptation of a very popular novel…the feel-bad film of the summer and an almost perfect example of how not to turn a book into a movie.”

However, Nicholls told Esquire that things have changed and that the mini-series format is a better fit for a more intricate and engaging re-working of his original material.  This will cater to some new and old fan base. 

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