Emma Stone overcome from anxiety issues; “Feeling better now”, she says

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Emma Stone

Emma Stone is handling her nervousness rather well now.

The 35-year-old actress from Poor Things discussed her anxieties as a youngster in a recent National Public Radio (NPR) interview that aired on Wednesday. She claimed that even though she had a hard time at first, she was able to get through it.

“I started receiving therapy, likely around age 8, because it was getting very difficult for me to get out of the house to go to school,” Stone told NPR. “I sort of lived in fear of these panic attacks.”

The actress, who revealed that she experienced her first panic attack at the age of seven, shared that she thought her dread of being apart from her mother was the root of her anxiety in her early years. She continued, “It’s difficult to reason with yourself at the age of seven or eight and convince yourself these things aren’t true, the speaker observed. It was quite difficult for me to talk myself out of it”.

That all changed, though, when Stone began performing when he was eleven years old. The actress claimed that her ability to focus on the present without thinking about the past or the future was made possible by her art. As an actor, “all of my big feelings are productive,” she said to the site.

Stone claimed that such encounters had changed the way she now views anxiety. She told NPR that, in her opinion, if individuals know what to do with it, it may be beneficial.

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The Superbad actress has spent years being transparent about her struggle with anxiety and panic attacks. Stone claimed to have learned to “take all of these deep emotions and pay attention in the moment and use all of my associative brain” through improv in 2018. 

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