Celebrating Three Decades of Ricky Rebel’s Impressive Pop Recording Career

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Ricky rebel

The 90s kids have the fondest memories of shaking it to the ‘No Authority,’ music which broke the headlines with its deal with Michael Jackson’s MJJ Records label; Ricky Rebel’s three-decade-long and ongoing singing career has witnessed unprecedented heights of success and he continues to entertain his fans with his latest 2021 album ‘Wild Reality’ whose leading song ‘Time Will Tell’ was featured in this year’s film ‘Apocalypse Love’ that has won the best-animated feature at the Golden State Film Festival. Born in the Mecca of the American music and entertainment industry California, here is a look at all the career milestones of Ricky Rebel, also known as Ricky Godinez, until 2012.

While still young for the mega electronic music dance scene of the US, Ricky has had the opportunity to nurture under the sheer talent, exposure, and experience of 98 Degrees, Destiny’s Child, Aaron Carter, Ashlee, and Jessica Simpson. With the massive success of his band’s first original, ‘Keep On,’ the young emerging next big thing of the American music industry was identified by the Queen of Pop Madonna’s record label Maverick in 2000. A dreamy start to the new century when the collaborative album reached a record-breaking #18 on the Billboard Heatseekers Albums chart and saw no stopping, with the main track trending at the top 35 Billboard Top 40 chart and featured on the top-selling ‘Rugrats in Paris’ soundtrack earning him a Gold Record under his belt. Every music lover was roaring for Ricky for what an absolute powerhouse of the Pop music scene he was proving himself to be.

Ricky Rebel

The young lad who exploded to the Pop music of the 90s with his distinctive personality, unapologetic, bold attitude, and rebellious behavior was the talk of the town with the release of the rock album ‘Unstoppable’ mixed by the legendary producer Jay Baumgardner and NRG studios and produced by the Grammy-winning Randy Cantor, after he became the lead vocalist of Harlow post the dissolution of the band. Also, he lended his voice to Tom Hanks’ ‘Apollo 13′ and won the Artist of the Year award at the RAWards in 2012 with all eyes glued to having a memorable decade in his singing career.

Followed him on TikTok yet? Check out his profile at Ricky Rebel (@rickyrebel) | TikTok.

The albums which followed were all massive hits by the singer. ‘Manipulator’ and ‘The Blue Album’ became extremely popular among the fans requesting him to record a follow-up album which he did. Requests to include remixes from the Godfather of EDM DJs Tommie Sunshine and Hector Fonseca poured in; he fulfilled his promise with the release of the album ‘The New Alpha’ which made it to “Louder Than Wars: Top 75 Albums of the year in 2017” by the leading magazine of UK.

Ricky Rebel

He is very active on Instagram, regularly updating his followers about upcoming projects and engaging candidly with them.

The success of New Alpha took Ricky to Cannes Film Festival, where he did Cinemoi Fashion Charity Concert and was associated with Grammy-winning artists for the years to follow, performing with Kesha, Mya, Switchfoot, Patti Labelle, Colbie Caillat, and Toby Keith. The lad added another feather to his already overwhelmingly blooming career with his performance which Lady Gaga was an audience to.

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Artists like Ricky Rebel are not only the pride of American music but their consistency, motivation to thrive, and audience-oriented personality speak volumes of the dedication and feverish passion for music that only few individuals can explore. At the same time, even fewer can become Ricky Rebel at such a young age. The vocal, active advocate of the LGTBTQ+ movement, he came out to the public about his sexuality with his Billboard Top 40 hit ‘Boys & Sometimes Girls,’ which was picked by Facebook’s original series, ‘Queen America,’ starring Catherine Zeta Jones.

2019 welcomed the singer with a bang when his music video, ‘The New Alpha,’ was nominated for the best music video at the New Renaissance Film Festival. ELLE magazine also named Ricky, as well as David Bowie and Madonna, to their Most Outrageous GRAMMYs Outfits in History list. I’m addition, he is currently a fashion contributor to US weekly and has been roped in by Revry TV, the world’s first LGBTQ+ streaming platform, through which his documentary ‘Rebels Only’ was nominated for best music documentary at the Out Web Fest Awards.

He is occupied with an exciting line of projects including ‘The Wild Reality Tour” in Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, and Kyoto) for 2023 and an upcoming EP entitled “Fantasy Control,” stay tuned and follow him on Facebook and Twitterfor more details and information.

Ricky Rebel

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