Rising star: Bruce Allen Carter AKA “Lil Pottna”

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Lil Pottna
Lil Pottna/instagram

Both well-known musicians and relatively up-and-coming performers contributed to some of the year 2021’s top songs. It’s always worthwhile to remain alert for emerging talents who appear destined for the spotlight as another year comes to a close. 

You are truly spoiled for choice when it comes to the best musicians to watch out for in 2022, whether you prefer pop, hip-hop, or indie rock. Fortunately, there is something for everyone due to the sheer diversity of musical talent that is bubbling to the surface.

Musician Bruce Allen Carter, also known as “Lil Pottna,” is a hidden gem who is about to burst in the open. He was born and reared in the UPTOWN/DOWNTOWN region of New Orleans. He started playing music when he was 18 and is now 31. He is a successful musician with music available on more than 30 platforms, and he keeps growing. 

Lil Pottna
Lil Pottna/instagram

Lil Pottna is a multifaceted person who enjoys writing songs and ghost stories and listening to music. He established his own record company, called “CLIPS & BANDZ ENT.”

Bruce Allen Carter was born and raised in New Orleans, LA Uptown/Downtown January 22, 1990 with his father, mother, brother and sister.

He grew up loving to watch sports, write music, and watch the Discovery Channel. He is a person who loves music, people, and uses the sorrow he has experienced in his life to inspire people via his music. 

He attended Warren Easton, he was expelled in his 11th grade year. But later he graduated in his 12th grade year from L. E. Rabouin High School. He continued to find himself writing music, recording, and ghostwriting.

Lil Pottna is a popular and passionate musician who has built up a sizable following both locally and internationally over the years. He is a very well-known musician.

Overcoming prison, having been arrested before, being expelled from school, losing close friends and family he faced plenty of tough times in his life but the worst was in Oct 2021 when he got shot 5 times.

His goal now is to successfully guide his record company by working with the greatest people and promoting himself along the way. Additionally, he would desire to be a fantastic realtor and support the communities that require his help.

Lil Pottna

He has been making music since he was 18 but has never taken the time to promote his journey through the media because he has been concentrating on working hard and spending time in the studio. By placing his music on platforms, getting interviews, and working with helpful promo teams and agencies, he took the time to learn everything this year and is now succeeding as an independent musician.

The accomplishment of getting to this point in his journey has been the most fulfilling. His song ” THUG IT OUT ” has received over 100,000 streams so far and is constantly growing. He also had a strong marketing team behind him. So his musical career is at its peak right now.

Lil Pottna/instagram
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