The Making of Sasha Anne: an American Singer, Makeup Artist and Actor

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Sasha Anne

Being the youngest child in the family naturally makes you privileged enough to receive extra love and overindulgence. People often say children raised in over-pampering get habitual of their comfort zone, and they would never wish to come out of it.

You know what? Our assumptions sometimes need to be corrected. Today, we are very proud to present to you Sasha Anne. She is an exemplification of what I said above. Sasha is an American makeup artist, singer and actress in the recently released horror movie “Reed’s Point.”

Sasha Anne
Sasha Anne

Sasha Anne is a 23-year-old makeup artist, singer, and actress who has risen to fame in the horror film “Reeds Point.” Born in 1999 in Manhattan, New York, Sasha is the youngest one among her six older siblings.

Sasha Anne
Sasha Anne

That said, you, I and anyone could have the impression that she was raised in a protected, cushioned environment. But she has proven strong enough to get out of her comfort zone to deal with and conquer the real world.

She describes herself as a strong woman who can be relied upon to get out of her comfort zone and conquer anything that comes her way. Let’s talk with Sasha about her childhood, her success journey, and the ups and downs that came her way while she was marching towards her goals.

Sasha, you have come a long way. You have become a notable YouTuber, actress and singer in less time. But there must be hidden struggles also. Please tell us about your background.

Sasha: I grew up in Manhattan as the youngest of a blended family of 6 older siblings. I have 19 nieces and nephews, and my siblings live worldwide. So, family gatherings are fun but highly intense. We all try to get together as much as possible, especially during holidays and summers.

Being the youngest is almost like being the only child. I learned to entertain myself by playing with my Barbie dolls, dressing up, creating skits with my friends, and getting into my mom’s makeup.

The school was a distraction from the world of make-believe I preferred. Plus, being dyslexic caused me to be the victim of bullying as I struggled to come up with the correct words.

Singing, dancing and art were my favorite subjects. The summers were great. No school, my parents and I traveled to Europe, and it was always fun.

When I reached my teen years, my parents decided I had to have a pet. So, Chloe, our Morkie (half Yorkshire, half Maltese), came into my life. I miss her so much. She’s in NY with my parents. I moved to LA at the end of February 2022 to further my acting and singing career.

You had Dyslexia. Did it ever become a hindrance in pursuing education? Also, tell us about your educational background.

Sasha: Yes, it did. However, I have dealt with it by being patient and strong-willed to let it not defeat me. I grew up in New York City, where one needs to shout to be heard. My degree is from FIT -the Fashion Institute of Technology in marketing and communication. But after graduating last year-my career path took a sharp turn towards acting and singing. So, I am now living in LA, auditioning and taking singing, acting and dancing classes. I produce a weekly show called “The Vibe with Sasha Anne,” and in between, I’m a makeup artist.

You are working on three niches simultaneously: Makeup artistry, Acting and Singing. How do you feel about your professions, and what aspects do they add to your individuality?

Sasha: I’m happiest when performing. So, I’d like to describe myself as a performer. Whether I’m singing on stage, acting, or creating a look on myself or someone else with makeup -it’s a performance. I’m naturally shy and prefer small groups of people or one on one. It sounds strange coming from someone who loves the spotlight.

I am very stoic, determined, resilient and ambitious. I never wallow in self-pity. And if I am committed to a job of performance, I stick with it no matter what. I am a very compassionate, caring, and giving person. I never take no for an answer, meaning I always keep striving and working on getting where I want to be. I’m a very compulsive, triple-A, head-banging personality.

I always put others. First, I care about my loved ones and want to help them in any way possible. Making others happy is what makes me the most comfortable. I never want to let anyone down. I have always been reaching for the stars. Ever since I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer in 2020, I realized that you can never day any day for granted. Live each day to the fullest. So, I have been pushing myself more each day to get as much as possible. I love to give more than to receive. Although receiving is excellent too!

You have seen some rough patches, be it being bullied or suffering from cancer. There comes a moment in life when you feel shattered. How do you typically handle a difficult situation you are unsure how to solve?

Sasha: My way of handling a difficult situation is not to react immediately but to take a step back and assess the best approach to the problem.

What is the source of your motivation?

Sasha: Music motivates me every day. My mentor, Jade Starling, also inspires me. She has been such a significant influence on me. She has helped me get out of my apartment more and have a more positive mindset. My followers also motivate me. They love my talk show and makeup videos, so I continue to post. Movies also encourage me. Sometimes I need to watch a movie to get inspired.

You have a great mentor. How is Jade helping you as a mentor?

Sasha: Jade Starling is a singer/songwriter of Pretty Poison, my vocal coach, life coach and big sister. She always reminds me to stay humble, smile and remember where I came from. She is the most positive and uplifting soul.

I couldn’t be more thankful for her; she is the best mentor. She has taken me under her wing, and as she said, she has “given me the wind beneath my wings to fly.” She coaches me on my voice once a week and gives me life advice. Jade has co-produced me on my original song, “Scars,” coming soon. And she is continuing to help me work on my album.

What are your strengths?

Sasha: Inspiring others through my videos and sharing my passion, teaching through my makeup skills, helping others each day, and bringing joy to each individual through my music.

What are your weaknesses?

Sasha: I feel like I am being tough, constantly needing reassurance, my impulses, being obsessive-compulsive, meaning that I’m always thinking about the next thing I’m doing and thinking about it repeatedly until it happens.

I need to learn to stay in the moment. And I am comparing myself to others. I need to work on self-love each day. I get jealous quickly because I sometimes think I’m not good enough. The industry can do that to people. That’s something I need to work on.

What are some of the biggest challenges you face when balancing your personal and professional life?

Sasha: I am learning how to find the perfect balance in my life with acting, singing, making time for friends, and family, attending events as an influencer and doing my YouTube videos.

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing the entertainment industry? What do you like the most and least about working in this field?

Sasha: I wouldn’t say I like how cutthroat the entertainment industry is. It’s brutal. Everyone is out for the same thing, and it’s hard to tell who your real friends are. I have found some true friends, which is fantastic. I just learned to be careful.

I love how passionate each person is about what they do. When I’m talking to someone about my day or what I’m doing, they understand me because they are doing the same thing. It’s like when someone says, “I bet being on a set is so glamorous, and it’s like the movies.” But when I say that to someone in the industry, we can share a good laugh because we both know what it’s like. It’s excellent but long hours and hard work!

What do you consider your most significant accomplishments?

Sasha: Recording a top 80s hit song and making a music video for it. Also, the lead in my first horror movie in 2021, winning best actress for it and winning the Audience Honor Award in the Shorty Awards in 2018. The Best in Beauty category for my “Wonder Woman Gal Gadot” makeup video “empowering young women.”

My remake of the 80s hit song, “Catch Me I’m Falling” by Pretty Poison, has reached over 1 million impressions in retail stores, the music video has over 100k YouTube views, more than 400k Spotify streams and broke into the Top 10 at position #9 on the UK Music Week Pop Chart.

My new single, “This is Your Night,” has reached over 1 million impressions in retail stores as well, went #1 on the All Access ‘The Dance Environment’ charts, hit #1 on the DJ International charts, and went #1 in North America and Asia.

How do you feel when you’ve been busy and then taken a break? Do you need more structure, or are you too busy to be happy?

Sasha: I have been so busy lately, but I love it that way. It keeps me sane. I need structure in my life; that’s the way I like it. If I’m not busy, I’m depressed. I always need to be doing something. I feel so lucky to love and be good at what I do. My work never feels like work which is a blessing. I love creating each day for my followers. I love making new music, acting and creating content.

You have done some philanthropic work as well. Please tell us more about it.

Sasha: Collaboration with Watchitude – I Designed a signature watch in which 50% of the proceeds went to the Leukaemia & Lymphoma Society. Link:

I donated my Sugar & Spice Nail Polish to female veterans at the Salem Veterans Center in Oregon.

I have participated in the Pier-to-Pier Friendship Walk, benefitting The Friendship Foundation, which provides socially integrated programs to empower individuals with developmental disabilities.

I often attend events and use my social media platforms to promote campaigns for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. I donated a portion of my Sugar and Spice nail polish proceeds directly to St Jude’s.

I often speak out against bullying on my platforms by sharing my experiences and letting young people know they are not alone. (In fact, my second Shorty Award -in 2018 was for my short Wonder Woman transformation video, which focused on women’s empowerment)

I donated a portion of the proceeds from my Sugar and Spice nail collection to The Interfaith Alliance. Whose mission is to protect Americans of all religious, ethnic and national backgrounds from discrimination and to ensure that religious beliefs are not imposed on others.

I will soon dress as a Disney Princess and work at kids’ birthday parties.

How do you believe that working hard and dreaming big will help you achieve your goals?

Sasha: Anything is possible if you want something badly and work hard for it! “If you dream it, you can do it”! I also make wishes daily, such as 11:11, 12:12, 1:11, etc. I believe in praying for my loved ones when they need it; only good will come to them from that. I believe that God listens and hears me.

What is your dream for life?

Sasha: I would love to go on tour someday and leave each person feeling hopeful after hearing my music. It would be cool to sing on stage with my mentor/vocal coach/big sis, Jade Starling. It would be a magical moment for me. I look up to her so much. Best role model. I would also love to win a significant award someday for my acting and makeup skills.

What would be your message to the public?

Sasha: I want to continue empowering and inspiring others to do their passion, follow their dreams and make others smile. Never take no for an answer, and don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not good enough because you are enough.

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