Taylor Swift and Kylie Kelce shares a hug ahead of Kansas City Chiefs’ win on Sunday

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Taylor Swift and Kylie Kelce

Here we witness the heartwarming hug exchanged between Taylor Swift and Kylie Kelce during the Kansas City Chiefs’ AFC championship game against the Baltimore Ravens.

Kylie, married to Jason Kelce of the Philadelphia Eagles was spotted giving Taylor a high five following the decisive victory. Travis’ brother was also present there. 

Kylie Kelce and Taylor Swift
Kylie Kelce and Taylor Swift. PHOTO: TIKTOK

Swift is also shown in Sperry’s video sitting for pictures with Travis, Jason, and their parents, Ed and Donna Kelce. The two yelled and leaped after the Chiefs win over the Ravens 17-10 to guarantee their berth in the Super Bowl for the next season. They also celebrated the victory.

Keleigh Sperry posted a video of the endearing encounter on TikTok on Tuesday. “Well, because you’re so nice, let’s do it again, #chiefskingdom! I’m not from here. #tayvisnation!!!!!! #superbowl58 #chiefs LET’S DO IT! Eagles cc @Kylie Kelce, we still love you,” Sperry said as the video’s description.

Miles Teller’s wife Sperry also shared a picture of Swift grinning broadly along with a video of Travis entering the group’s stadium suite, and images of Cara Delevingne joining in on the celebration.

Swift initially got to know Kylie and Jason on January 21 at the Chiefs’ game against the Buffalo Bills.

 When Travis scored the game’s first touchdown in the second quarter, Jason took off his shirt, which went viral. According to a source who spoke with PEOPLE after Travis’ most recent victory, the “whole family was so, so excited.”

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“The night was long, messages were flooded and the field was exploding with energy. It’s unbelievable to be heading to Vegas right now. It was really great to celebrate with him while his family, closest friends, management, and, of course, Taylor were all present”, the insider added.

The insider told PEOPLE that Swift will continue her Eras Tour on February 7 and Travis will be busy getting ready for the big game on February 11, but they are “genuinely happy together.”

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