Source says, “Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are Happy Together, but ‘Still Seeing Where It Goes”

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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are Happy Together

A source gave a statement to the PEOPLE about the couple Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce that they are quite happy with each other and having a lot of fun. They were not shy while expressing their love to each other in public.

Day by day their relationship is getting stronger.

“The pop star continues to support the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, Travis at his games. She has attended all the matches and cheered for her boyfriend, confirms an insider.

Source mentioned that the couple remain “really happy” together.

While complimenting their love for each other, source reveals that, “They are quite happy together but they’re still seeing where it goes,” Sharing their romance moments from December, the couple supported each other all the time.

The stars started dating each other secretly and they made it public in late July on his New Heights podcast that he had made efforts to shoot his shot with Swift after her concert.

In September, Taylor attended his first match, and now she is cheering her boyfriend everytime beside his loved ones, including mom Donna, dad Ed and Kelce’s longtime friends.

Last weekend when she came to attend the game, where the Chiefs beat the Dolphins 7-3 in below-zero temperatures, she was spotted waving high-five to her fans. She also started singing at the end when the win was across.

While doing a story with WSJ. Magazine, Kelce revealed his on-going affair with Swift, acknowledging he’s “never dated anyone with that kind of aura about them.”

At present the singer is on a break from her record-breaking Eras Tour and will rock the stage in February.

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In November, Kelce took a flight to Buenos Aires during his bye week to cheer on his girlfriend at her show, where he was seen singing and dancing along to every song. After the show, they were spotted with Taylor’s fans.

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