Taylor Swift to direct a movie for Searchlight Pictures after “Eras Tour”

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Taylor Swift

The sources revealed that Taylor Swift will be directing her to another movie once the Eras Tour concludes.

It was announced back in December that Swift would be directing her first full-length motion picture for Searchlight Pictures. According to reports, the singer-songwriter wrote the movie’s original script; nevertheless, at this time, the plot and characters are unclear.

Searchlight presidents David Greenbaum and Matthew Greenfield declared at the time that Taylor is an exceptional artist and storyteller who comes only once in a lifetime. Working together with her as she sets off on this fascinating and novel creative adventure brings me true joy and privilege.

Swift has directed music videos before, including those for her songs “All Too Well” and “The Man,” which were nominated for Best Direction MTV VMAs. The former, which paired with the revised version of the s on “Red (Taylor’s Version),” featured Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien in an extended 14-minute short film.

In addition, the singer has acted in several movies, such as David O. Russell’s Amsterdam, Cats, and Valentine’s Day (2010), a romantic comedy.

Now, after the “Era’s” tour concludes, Swift will begin work on her feature-length directing debut, which suggests it will probably happen around the very end of 2024 or early in 2025 at the most, according to a recent story from Puck’s Matt Belloni.

Swift brought back “The Outside” and “Superman” for her performance in Tokyo, Japan, on Friday, February 9. The pop sensation was returning to the songs for the “surprise songs” portion of her set during her third performance at the Tokyo Dome stadium as part of her current “Eras Tour.”

Swift welcomed the audience to the “acoustic session.” 

She stated, “I have been enjoying performing this on the ‘Eras Tour,’ so to speak. I enjoy pushing myself to perform songs that I either haven’t performed live or haven’t performed on this tour”.

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