The ex-couple, Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz handled the relationship maturely; Still Good Friends

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Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz

Here’s another tale of the ex-couples ever Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz who are still friends. 

The Cosby Show veteran, 56, and the rock singer, 59, separated in 1993 after five years of marriage, but their bond remains unshakeable. Kravitz tells PEOPLE about their romantic beginnings and how their relationship endured their breakup in this week’s cover story.

“I am what I am because of our experience, because of everything that I was, everything that she was and everything that came together,” Kravitz adds. In 1985, the two first got together backstage at a New Edition performance. 

Sparks took off, and the actress became his partner and inspiration, her influence on his highly praised debut album “Let Love Rule” as well as the bohemian style that accompanied it.

He said, “I had moved in with Lisa, and packed my belongings and equipment, but for some reason, I had forgotten my comb”. Regarding his characteristic locks, he adds, “I never focused on dreading, but after a few months my hair was matting.” Lisa said, “Hold it. It appears nice”.

Known as “Mr. Bonet” by the media, Kravitz reportedly spent some time in the actress’s shadow. However, the success of his first two albums launched him into prominence, turning him into a sex icon.

“I didn’t think this was sexy at all. I was simply existing and acting,” he claims.

He continued, “I was blind to the fact that I was married to the most stunning lady on the earth, amazing on the inside as well. I was concentrating on the music.”

In 1988, they welcomed their daughter Zoë. He remarks, “We were quite the family. We were unique in our style, self-expression, and fashion. It was a lovely moment. The world that Zoë’s mother and I were building, our family, was centred around love, peace, and spirit”.

Kravitz notes that even with the lead single “TK421,” and its viral music video, “the song’s about making something better than it is.”

He and Bonet are both mature enough to handle things. They made an effort to ensure that their relationship remained healthy after the two ended their marriage. He shared he was having emotional difficulties because they got married at a young age. The difficulties increased and both decided to separate their ways. But they are still good friends which makes them stand out of the crowd. 

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