Travis Kelce Shouts Out to his team ‘So Icy Gang’ during playoff Against the Buffalo Bills

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Travis Kelce

Ice-cold Travis Kelce! The 34-year-old Kansas City Chiefs player supported team spirit in recent cold play by referring to them as their “icy gang” in a video he tweeted on Saturday during their playoff game against the Buffalo Bills.

He captioned the video, which included images of the Chiefs from their most recent playoff game against the Miami Dolphins on January 14, saying, “So icy gang.”

In the Reel, Kelce was initially shown strolling through the snow-covered streets in slow motion. He then exhaled, his breath visible in the chilly air, and he said, “Whoo!” to the camera.

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The last time we saw Kelce on the field, bundled up against the cold in his red Kansas uniform while sporting a beanie cap and balaclava. After seeing footage of Kelce, his Chiefs teammates, and Dolphins players on the field during the game, the song “Ice, Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice began to play as Kelce put on his helmet.

During the game, Patrick Mahomes, a teammate, also made an appearance in a shot where the camera captured the players’ icy breath as they passed the ball to Kelce.

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During the video, someone commented, “I’m just screaming right now.” “It’s important for you to stay warm, understand?” After Kelce punched the air on the field to close the footage, a dark screen with snow falling over it displayed a “W” and the Chiefs’ victory in the “Wild Card Round 26-7” match score.

Over the past few months, the Chiefs have played in freezing weather, and his 34-year-old girlfriend Swift has faced the cold to cheer him at most of the games.

The Chiefs are aiming to qualify for the Super Bowl, which will be held in Las Vegas on February 11.

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