Two women alleged against DeMario Jackson for sexual assault

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DeMario Jackson
DeMario Jackson/image by social media

DeMario Jackson allegedly sexually assaulted two women after his actions on the “Bachelor” series prompted a misbehaviour inquiry. He has been accused of his misbehaviour.

Two lawsuit was against him due to these assault charges, on Tuesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court. In the court papers, all ladies assert that they embarked on consecutive dates with Jackson and that those dates culminated in him compelling them to engage in non-consensual sex. Following their claimed crimes, Jane Does 1 and 2 each denounced them towards the UCLA Santa Monica Medical Center’s Rape Treatment Center.

Jackson, 35, didn’t give his statement to the media after the accusations were lined up against him. Two women assert that they first connected with Jackson following his appearances on several reality television shows.

He made his television debut on ABC’s “The Bachelorette” in May 2017 as one of the 31 guys competing for Rachel Lindsay’s love. Jackson was fired off the program by Lindsay beginning of the season after that a woman who claimed to be his fiancée appeared on stage.

He has worked in several television shows, web-series and has former contestants from those shows competing for love on the beaches of Mexico. He was cast in the series after it ended. The production owner, Warner Bros., claimed that its cut-off his all ties with him after learning about the allegations of wrongdoing on set and necessitated “a serious investigation” shortly after production started in June.

According to the reports, filmmakers have spoken with the Olympics about the interaction with Jackson that following Monday. Producers alerted studio management to the scene after she claimed she had been so drunk she couldn’t remember the incident. Work was then abruptly stopped.

Jackson disputed any wrongdoing. In response, the Olympics claimed to be “a victim” with “little recall of such an evening but added that anything awful certainly went occur. 

However, Warner Bros. stated that now the inquiry did not back up any accusation of misbehaviour by a cast member or that the safety of any cast member had ever been in peril” less than a week since opening it.

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