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Aubin Bradley
Photo Credit: Kelsey Hale

Aubin Bradley is not taking anything for granted. A tween starlet known for her role as Lucy Loud on the Nickelodeon hit show The Really Loud House, Aubin is grateful for every step of her journey.

Interview With Aubin Bradley

She may have followed her sisters into the business but is definitely coming into her own as an actress. Thank you Aubin for taking the time for this interview!

You are an actress and a content creator. Why do you think social media is important for young actors?

I am just really getting started on social media. I am only 12 so TikTok keeps shutting down my account, which is really frustrating, especially for my fans. I think I have had like 6 accounts. So, I am mostly active on Instagram and love it when the fans interact with me.  They are all super-supportive and the Loud House fans are the absolute best.  Many of the fans are so talented. The edits they make are unbelievable! I have actually requested several of them. Also, I am excited to hear their feedback on the show and Lucy and the best way to do that is through social media! I can’t wait to be 13 so TikTok won’t keep shutting down my account!  But I do have an official Instagram account and you can find me at @aubinbradleyofficial

Do you have any advice for your followers on how to handle negative comments on their social media?

Ignore the negative comments on social media!  That’s really the only thing you can do.  I honestly don’t understand why someone takes the time to spread hate and be mean to others. Unfortunately, people also use social media to make others feel left out or not included. I think you have to realize the kid or person saying or doing these mean things has their own set of issues or they would not be doing it. It is not your fault someone is doing this. I also think it is important to talk to your parents and friends when this is happening.  Do not try to deal with this alone. Every one of us is human and needs a support system and to surround ourselves with people who love us for who we are. Last but not least, “do not sweat the small stuff.”

How do you come up with ideas for your social media content?

I am not “yet” the biggest and most active person on social media.  I have mainly used social media to communicate with my fans and friends about what I am up to!   Most of my ideas come from what is really happening in my life, which right now is dance, friends, The Really Loud House, and of course, my favorite night ever, attending the Taylor Swift Eras Tour with my dad and my sisters!

How did your role on The Really Loud House come about?

I almost missed the audition.  My mom is always very on top of things, but this audition came in over the weekend and she missed it in her email.  It was due back that Monday morning early. It was a self-tape where I had to record the lines and then send them back to the casting agent.  My mom was checking her email before we left for school and noticed the audition.  She told me it was for Lucy Loud, who was spooky, mysterious, and deadpan (didn’t know what that meant), and the audition was due in an hour.  She called Theresa my acting coach who was in her studio early and we literally went straight there at 7:45 am before school in my uniform to do the tape.  I had no time to prepare or memorize the lines and just did it in like 10 minutes!  My mom got a call a week later that they wanted me for a producer session the next day!  In the producer session, the director Jonathan Judge was there. He was great and we did some improvisation with the role of Lucy and ran the lines!  The best part was my older sister, Catherine, got the audition for Luan Loud the next day, but I don’t think they realized we were sisters!  When Catherine booked Luan, I was so happy because I would never have gotten my agent or these opportunities without her hard work and sacrifices!  And as they say, the rest is history!!!!!

Aubin Bradley
Photo Credit: Kelsey Hale

What is your favorite moment from being on the set of The Really Loud House?

Hmmm, well that’s a hard one. Every moment in this production is one to cherish and remember. One moment that really sticks out to me is having to film a scene in a super long double episode. I got to impersonate my sister’s character, Luan, in “Lucy” style. There is also another Mother’s Day episode where my sister and I have a tap-off that was a ton of fun to film. But this week, there is an episode airing with some magical “cheese.” A few of Lucy’s schoolmates, who form the “Morticians Club,” are in this episode and I know the fans are going to LOVE it!!!!  Filming that episode was definitely a highlight for me!

You go to a lot of red carpet-events. What has been your favorite event so far?

Now this is an easy one. Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards this year!  My experience was unreal. The orange carpet was probably my favorite part . . . having people call your name over and over to look one hundred different directions, and the lights flashing. It was just an amazing experience not many in this world can say they have had, so I feel really blessed and happy. Not to mention the show was incredible and the hosts were amazing, and the Lil Baby and Lil Uzi Vert performances. Also, I had a major fan girl moment, when MrBeast was in the room and LOOKED at me.

How important do you think networking is to a budding career? 

I am still pretty early in my career, but I think networking is really important.  You need to meet people who are interested in the same career because you can actually help each other.  People working together is always better than trying to do everything on your own!  I have met some great friends in this industry thought networking and social events for actors.

Are there any upcoming projects you can share with our readers?

Well right now, in addition to Season 1 of The Really Loud House which is still airing new episodes each week, you can see me in the role of Jules trying to get to the moon in the new Apple TV+ series, Hello Tomorrow!, starring Billy Crudup.  I was also just on The Watcher on Netflix, which is streaming right now, and I also have an animated series coming out soon where I voice a cute bunny named Coco on the brand-new American version of Bing.I am also so excited that I can finally announce that The Really Loud House has been renewed for Season 2.  Also, there is going to be a Halloween Movie for Loud House and you know that Halloween is Lucy Loud’s favorite holiday and is mine too!

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Aubin Bradley
Photo Credit: Kelsey Hale
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