Joshua Turchin and His Friends Take Over Broadway

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Photo Credit: Gene Reed

Multihyphenate performer, Joshua Turchin, is joining forces with his friends to take over Broadway in a new show in NYC. This talented teen has not one but two upcoming shows that he is producing. Recently, Joshua sat down for an interview about his upcoming shows, his role as a producer, and how he manages to balance it all!

You are a very busy performer! You have 2 shows coming up at Below 54 in NYC. Tell us about Musicalizing with Julia Macchio.

I’m so excited for my upcoming show with Julia Macchio at 54 Below. Musicalized is based on my TikTok series, “Ruining Songs by Making Them Musicals”. We’ll be taking some of the most popular songs and incorporating them into the most exciting jukebox musical of the season! Some of the songs that will be included are “Stacy’s Mom”, “The Black Parade”, “Party Rock”, and more! The show is on August 14th at 54 Below in NYC.

Tell us about your other show TikTok Takes Broadway.

I’ve gathered some of my TikTok composer and performer friends to create a fun game-filled showcase of what makes TikTok truly tick: chaotic theatre people. If you want to come see it, the show is on July 25th! There will be a lot of viral TikTokers in the show singing some of our favorite TikTok songs.

Do you think it is important for a performer to hone their craft in front of a live audience?

I definitely think stage time is important for a performer to hone their craft in front of a live audience. Putting ourselves out there is really how we learn and grow, and performing it is no exception.

When you are on Broadway and have to do multiple shows per week how do you keep yourself from getting burnt out?

A great way that I keep myself from getting burnt out whenever I perform anywhere is setting aside time during the day to relax before a show. Maybe I’ll hang out with a friend during that time or watch some of my favorite TV shows.

Photo Credit: Gene Reed

Since you are in NYC I’m sure you go to Broadway shows all the time. What is your favorite Broadway show and why?

My favorite Broadway-bound show is probably “35MM: A Musical Expedition”. Although it’s just an album, it has some of my favorite music and orchestrations ever produced for a musical. I am really excited to see some of the current shows though, especially “Sweeney Todd”. 

You are also a producer of Broadway shows. How did that come about?

The current shows I’m producing are at 54 Below and The Greenroom 42! I’ve been music directing at 54 Below since I was 12, I think, and have been part of a lot of successful shows there. So, whenever I have ideas for a new show, I know these are great venues to play at.  

Can you explain what a producer does for those of our readers that don’t completely understand the role of a producer?

For cabaret spaces, producers help to pitch the show, cover some of the costs of putting it on, and are responsible for making sure the show goes on as planned. For some shows, I act as both the producer and music director where I also rehearse and accompany the performers on stage and perform myself.

Any shows you are producing currently on Broadway?

I’m not producing anything on Broadway, but my family runs The Broadway Investor’s Club, which helps give access for investors to produce or invest in Broadway shows. They are currently involved in “Sweeney Todd”, “Hadestown”, Anthony Rapp’s “Without You”, and several others. You can see my shows at 54 Below in July and August.

Fun Question– If you could be in any Broadway show what would it be and why? It doesn’t have to be a show currently running on Broadway. 

DEFINITELY either “& Juliet” or “Hadestown”. Both have such incredible casts, sets, and musical arrangements that I just feel the need to be part of them in some way. I would say that Romeo and Orpheus would be really fun to play!

Any upcoming releases you can share?

Not yet but stay tuned! You can check out my TikTok, Instagram, and Discord for updates @joshuaturchin!

Photo Credit: Gene Reed

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