Ayo Edebiri debuts SNL for the first time; Jennifer Lopez appears as a musical guest

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Ayo Edebiri And Jennifer Lopez at SNL

Ayo Edebiri had her first debut at Saturday Night Live.

With Jennifer Lopez serving as the musical guest, the 28-year-old Bear actress hosted the late-night comedy sketch program for the first time on Saturday. During her speech, the actress showed signs of emotion as she discussed how important the occasion was to her.

“I can’t wait to get here. I love SNL very much”. Edebiri exclaimed, “This is a dream come true,” her voice cracking as she became choked up and distraught.

“I am the first Black lady to openly acknowledge that I was born and raised in Boston. I’m already creating Black history in just three days of February,” she jokingly said.

She discussed the preparation she had done for her role in The Bear in other parts of her monologue.

“We all had to work in a real restaurant so we were able to truly portray that kitchen energy,” she said. “When people saw my costar Jeremy Allen White associated with the restaurant, they’d be like, ‘Whoa that’s Jeremy Allen White, he must be preparing for a role, so thorough and when they saw me they’d just be like, ‘How much longer for my tilapia?'”

She continued while saying, “I really can’t wait for tonight. It seems like a homecoming because I grew up in the New York comedy scene with some of my closest friends, with whom I am fortunate to be performing today.”

Politician Nikki Haley made an unexpected appearance at the show, in addition to participating in several entertaining routines throughout, such as a humorous spoof ridiculing the viral Dune movie popcorn bucket and musical performances by Lopez.

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Edebiri made an appearance in a Wednesday promo video for her episode of the big night.

Due to scheduling issues, the Golden Globe winner withdrew from the next Marvel picture Thunderbolts. Her next project is slated to be a lead in the A24 horror movie Opus. 

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