Ben Affleck unveiled his commercial look in Dunkin’ ‘Popstar’

Kajal Kashyap
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Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck‘s most recent Dunkin‘ commercial quietly acknowledges his past! In the one-minute commercial, “Dunkin’ ‘Popstar’ ft. Ben Affleck & Charli D’Amelio,” the 51-year-old actor is pursuing his dream of becoming a pop star, akin to his wife Jennifer Lopez.

Affleck confers with music producers and stylists in the advertisement. Then, with a heavy Boston accent, he pretends to call his 54-year-old wife Lopez and inquires about her thoughts about him going by the stage name “BLo.”

At around the 40-second point of the advertisement, as he is receiving choreography advice from dancer and TikTok celebrity Charli D’Amelio, astute viewers will notice a paparazzi shot of Affleck framed in gold in his makeshift homeroom next to pictures of Lopez.

The Jersey Girl actress is seen in the framed picture holding what looks to be boxes of Dunkin’ Donuts in place of a cup of coffee while sporting a blue blazer.

It’s not a perfect replica of the widely shared 2021 image of Affleck precariously balancing a Dunkin’ coffee atop a stack of mail, but it’s pretty close.

Affleck appeared in his first Super Bowl commercial for the coffee and doughnut company in 2023, following the widespread success of his paparazzi images. This led to Affleck being named an official brand ambassador for Dunkin’.

Unquestionably, the easter egg fits in the advertisement, where the Bostonian also made light of the “Sad Affleck” memes that went viral on social media following Affleck’s 2023 accompaniment of Lopez to the Grammy Awards and remained expressionless the whole night.

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The Air star’s journey continues beyond the latest advertisement. He issued a caution at the end of the advertisement, saying, “underestimate Boston…at your peril.” He also promoted Lopez’s next album by declaring, “This is me, now,” which is the name of her project, while standing outside with a doughnut necklace on.

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