Garcia taunts Barlow of flaunting the cost of lost diamond ring; Barlow gives the befitting reply

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Garcia taunts Barlow

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Season 4 reunion was held last week. There Barlow shared her emotions attached with the diamond ring lost in the award show.

As she panicked over losing the over-priced diamond ring, her co-star Monica Garcia complained how much she hated hearing her repeat telecast of the diamond ring and its price tag.

Co-star Garcia shared, ” Lisa had every right to be upset about losing her ring. But what I felt irritated was repeatedly saying ‘$60K, $60K, $60K “. Later after some calculations, it is revealed the actual cost of the ring which costs $58,000.

To which Lisa replied, “I only narrated the price tag of the ring three times. I can understand that, everybody has their own mindset and processes things very differently”. Barlow justified, adding that the loss was a big deal for me.

“The ring was a gift from my husband when I delivered our first child, son Henry who “almost died” after the delivery, she said while narrating the importance of the ring for her.

“He gifted this ring in an array of hope because after this incident we were like if we’re going to be able to have more kids,” Barlow expressed her emotions.

“So, this is more extraordinary for me than a diamond ring. Every time I look at it, it’s like “We have our two beautiful babies which are having such a hard time for us”, she added further.

After knowing the emotions behind the ring, Garcia admitted that she was not aware of the feelings attached to the ring. To that Barlow said firmly, “But that is no one’s business”. This situation left her very stressed at that moment.

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She opened to that statement of the middle class and said, “Because I lost the ring and am upset about it, doesn’t mean I’m not relatable to the middle class. It doesn’t mean I think I’m part of the 1%. It doesn’t mean I think I’m better than anyone.”

Garcia shot back by saying, “You’re not part of the 1%. You’re right,”

This shady conversation led to a heated argument between both and hinting towards Garcia stealing the diamond ring. To this accusation the latter didn’t confirm or deny. The reports says that Garcia was also accused of stealing a clutch from Meredith Marks’ store elsewhere in the season.

Barlow got another gem replacement to that, but she says, “It’s not the same, it doesn’t give that feeling. No doubt it looks good but I love that one and want it badly”.

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