Jenna Ortega and Gideon Adlon’s kissing scene from “Miller’s Girl” leaked online

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Jenna Ortega kissing Gideon Adlon

There was a passionate kiss between Jenna Ortega and Gideon Adlon in Miller’s Girl. The video gained popularity after going viral online.

Jenna Ortega’s intimate kissing scene from her most recent film, Miller’s Girl, has captured the attention of internet users. In a recent film, the actress who rose to stardom as Wednesday Addams in “Wednesday” starred with Martin Freeman and Gideon Adlon. The movie is being talked about for its bold scenes, especially the one where Gideon and Jenna were sharing intimate scenes. A video that has been shared on social media shows Jenna and Gideon talking about a boy. Then, Gideon’s character approaches Jenna’s character to make out.

Jenna Ortega and Gideon Adlon
Jenna Ortega and Gideon Adlon

The obscene scenes shocked everyone, particularly considering Jenna’s previous appearances and film positions. The twenty-one-year-old definitely pushed the envelope with this film. Speaking with Screen Rant about her work on Miller’s Girl alongside Jenna said it is a delight to work with Jade Halley Bartlett .

She continued, “She’s originally from the desert. We have remarkably similar likes in Gothic art, despite the fact that I’m from Tennessee. In addition, she shared with me details about the character that I had never mentioned aloud. Those words appeared to come from her, as if she had penetrated my mind. It was like kismet, that’s why. I say to people, “This is not genuine,” whenever they bring up the wedding dress problem. It is accurate. I said, “Oh, you’re the perfect wedding dress.”

Because she’s amazing, you must be the one. Jade said of the worldwide newspaper, “She’s so terrifying in a good way.”

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Jenna says, “This feature film marks the first debut of Jade Halley Bartlett. She still has so much to explore, as evidenced by the fact that she wrote and directed the movie”.

Initially released on January 26 in cinemas, it will be available on streaming sites beginning on February 16.

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