Kim Kardashian’s home decorated all pink for Chicago’s fifth birthday

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kim kardashian Chicago’s fifth birthday

Kim’s home is all set for her daughter Chicago’s fifth birthday. Kim Kardashian arranged an over-the-top spectacle by decorating her mansion by doing some extravagant celebration.

It was snapped that a video posted on Reddit in the r/Anticonsumption thread where they revealed the Hello Kitty-themed party back in January 2023. It displayed that the entire house decked out in pink colour. It includes new wall-to-wall pink carpeting just for the party, reported by Cosmopolitan.

Chicago’s fifth birthday
Kim Kardashian Chicago’s fifth birthday

To make it exciting, they displayed a massive amount of balloons and finger foods for children.

As per the reports, the menu for the Birthday girl and her friends included a ramen bar, waffle pops, Hello Kitty grilled cheeses, and a milkshake station, which any kid would love.

There were variety of toppings were available for the waffle sticks like fresh strawberries, powdered sugar, whipped cream, sprinkles, Oreos, fruity pebbles, and blueberries.

They organized activities for the girls such as Hello Kitty ceramic painting, slime making, and face painting, and an appearance was made by a dancing Hello Kitty mascot.

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Users complained that this decoration led to the wastage from the celebration. The comments were flooded on the video posted. One user commented that, “She didn’t even donate that perfectly good rug after use and instead threw it away along with all the other plastic party crap she had her assistant buy just for this?”

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