Kyle Richards dismiss the rumors of dating Morgan

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Kyle Richards

Love is in the air!

The popular actress Kyle Richards has welcomed love from all sides. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills actress, Bravo clears the rumors of dating a girl.

A 54 year old lady goes through a provoking question to her fellow housewives during a lively lunch if they accept dating a woman.

The reaction to this answer was priceless. Dorit Kemsley spills the beans, clearly caught off guard by the unexpected query. Crystal Kung Minkoff, on the other hand, cleverly backfires the question to Kyle.

To that question she just answered with a simple nod and “yeah,”. Her broad mind thinking has grabbed the attention of audiences.

There will be more drama, though. In the teaser, Kyle is seen deliberating about a tough choice. She tells her buddy Morgan Wade, “I’m so anxious,” as she bites her lip tensely and keeps her eyes fixed on her phone.

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She goes on, “I honestly have no idea if I am capable of it,” showing her uncertainty. But Morgan, a gifted country singer, gives Kyle a few words of support, telling her she’s strong and can handle anything that comes her way.

After first connecting on social networking sites, the two have gone on a number of trips and exercises together, as well as holidays with other Housewives celebrities.

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This answer from Kyle sparks rumors of a romance between her and Morgan, after the separation from her husband, Mauricio Umansky.

To poke fun at the gossip surrounding their friendship, Kyle made a cameo appearance as the love interest in Morgan’s music video for her single “Fall in Love with Me” in August 2023. The video showcases playful moments between the two, such as feeding each other fruit and sharing a bubble bath, almost culminating in a kiss.

In a recent interview, she addressed very clearly that we are good friends and rejected the dating rumors. She added further, ‘The internet is going insane”.

Last July, the couple Kyle and Mauricio got separated after staying together for 27 years in a marriage and announced in an interview People. Some reliable sources confirm that after separation they are still staying together under the same roof.

They have maintained the balance in their life, friendship, and working for their best future.

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